What basics need to be followed for car maintenance and servicing?

Posted by Qais Barat Ali on July 5th, 2019

Your car should always perform at an optimum level and to achieve that it requires proper and scheduled maintenance and servicing.

Just like your body, if you do not maintain it with proper food and keep it dehydrated you are sure to cause yourself harm. Also, your body would require scheduled checkups in order to avoid any incoming disease. Same is the case for your car, scheduled oil change, engine service and checkups will keep your car maintained and save you from any incoming problem which might incur a heavy cost.

You need your car to be working at an optimum level; even with the regular basic service, you can achieve that.

What are the servicing basics you must do to prolong your car's longevity?

Basic maintenance and servicing is very crucial for your car, as it is said that prevention is better than cure. Regular servicing and checkups will prevent major repairs and incoming internal damages.

Many car owners choose to neglect the importance of car service and maintenance and later suffer from "shocking" car functioning issues, what they don't get is that the problem is not shocking it was the neglect that brought this problem to realization.

Start the basics yourself

Care of your property starts from you and as your property you should be worried about the well being of your car. Start by reading the car owner's manual which provides a number of handy tips which you can use to keep your car working just fine without any expenses.

Scheduled servicing is crucial

When you buy a new car the seller will always tell you at the end, that never miss scheduled servicing of your car. It is better to get your car checked regularly as with time your car will require oil changes, replacement of spark plugs and belt in the engine.

The better practice is to get everything done by your car dealer as it will guarantee you genuine and original car parts and your car dealer will have the car history of scheduled servicing which later helps when you sell your car as buyers usually ask about that.

What does the basic service of the car include?

There is a checklist of basic car service which is commonly carried out by service stations and car dealers.

The list is usually something like this

  • Oil change
  • Air filter change
  • Oil filter change
  • Fuel filter change
  • Cabin filter replaced
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Checking brake and gear oil
  • Inspection of brake pads
  • Inspection of brake shoes
  • Inspection of power staring motor and fluid
  • Replacement of engine belts, if needed
  • Check if headlights and indicators functioning
  • Scan the car through the computerized tool to find any issues in the sensors

Other than that there is a complete body inspection to check any damage to the body and if changes are required. Maintenance of the body includes rubbing and polishing to remove scratches and get a cleaner body

Concluding service

In the end, the car is given a complete clean up where the engine is blown clean by a blower and a cleaning lubricant. The body seats and the rest of the interior are cleaned and the leathers are polished. In the end, the car is given a complete wash-up on the exterior side.

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