Advantages to Know How To Sewing Clothes & Dresses

Posted by FCFTA on July 5th, 2019

When we were in school, many of those who attended home economics classes may have decided that learning to sew is a huge waste of time. This would be true especially among the male students, after all, if they needed a button sewed back on they could always turn to another person in the family to take care of it. However, later in life, they may find that they need these skills now that they are away from home.

But let us not forget - sewing is not just about sewing a button or two back on. A tiny rip or tear can ruin a nice looking garment unless a repair can be made with the utmost skill. Or there may be a situation where a patch is needed, for example on a uniform. Most dry cleaners can do this type of repair of course, however they usually cannot do it on the spot. You must leave the clothing and return later. Sewing for beginners, it is a great example of needing to know some basic sewing, and having the right tools.

Many times if you are on a tight budget, sewing yourself can really help you in that regard. Fabrics can be purchased at amazingly low prices, which can be sewn into garments that you actually wear. Of course for this you will need a sewing machine and possibly a sewing cabinet. It really is going to be a matter of how enthusiastic you are about sewing, and if you want to take the time needed to learn a few more advanced sewing techniques.

Sewing can be a fascinating hobby for some, however for others it is something to endure on a as needed basis. Whichever describes you one thing is for sure, having a few basic sewing skills can really come in handy, and most likely at a time when you least expect it. It can also helpful to know ‘’How to make my own clothes’’.

Knowing the basic sewing skills can also be a great asset if you crochet. Many times your finished crocheted items, such as bags, totes and purses, will need to be lined with fabric in order to prevent them from stretching. You don't necessarily need to line your bags, however, doing so will make them last a lot longer, thus saving you time and money in the end.

To be honest, you don't really need any special sewing skills to line your crocheted fabric. You don't even need a sewing machine as all the stitches will be hidden underneath your crocheted work. However, owning a simple machine and knowing how to operate it will nevertheless increase the speed at which you are able to line your work.

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