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Posted by glainmax55 on July 5th, 2019

Located in the southern Balkans, Greece is a hugely popular tourist destination, renowned for its ancient landscapes, paradisiacal islands and deep blue, crystal clear waters.

Boat lovers can be sure. Greece, bordered by three seas the Ionian, the Aegean, and the Mediterranean. And has a warm climate, is an ideal place to make use of the yacht rentals Greece which is widely practiced in the country.

Embark on a boat on the way to the most beautiful destinations in the country and combine historical and traditional charm with the most beautiful resorts: Athens, the Ionian Islands, Thessaloniki or the Cyclades.

Weather conditions in Greece:

The Mediterranean areas of Greece are ideal for sailing Greek islands in July and August. For those who want some wind, we recommend sailing in the Cyclades and in the Dodecanese. Boaters seeking more tranquility can rent boats in the Sporades or the Ionian Sea. For more information, visit the website for all weather forecasts needed for successful navigation.

Itinerary suggestions:

Rent a yacht to the Ionian Islands to begin your tour: enjoy the flowery places of Corfu with its majestic mountain panoramas, the green of Lefkada, the volcanic landscape of Zante or admire the sunset on the island of Kanoni.

Then sail to Patras, the largest city in the Peloponnese, known for its carnival and the dynamism of its city. Visit Athens, the capital of Greece, where you can experience Greek traditions and history up close.

Finally, sail to the Cyclades, nicknamed the Pearl of the Aegean. This archipelago in the Mediterranean has 56 islands and offers a wealth of majestic landscapes characterized by the contrast between the whiteness of the houses and the blue of the sea.

Do not miss the Sarakiniko Beach on Milos Island, which offers a breathtaking crater landscape or Blue Waters, with impressive blue waters at the foot of colorful cliffs.

Which boats can be rented in Greece?

 In Greece, you should opt for a monohull to reach the many moorings with a degree of navigational comfort. Or you can go for a catamarans rentals Greece to take advantage of anchor stability, shallow sailing and a shallow draft that allows you to drive to remote areas. In addition, the catamaran allows for the typical sunny weather for Greece a little freshness in the bar and in the cockpit.
Motorboats are also ideal for day trips, for the best sailing experience in the fresh wind.

Visit our website and have a unique experience with Greek island cruises!

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