A Baby Boy Named 'Google' Receives Gifts From Google Indonesia

Posted by Eyerys on July 5th, 2019

Google is the internet giant, best known for its search engine.

Due to its popularity and capabilities, people all over the world use Google to query just about anything. Having answers to just about any questions asked, the term "Google" has become a word to describe something (or someone) that knows practically everything.

And this is one reason why a couple in Indonesia named their child "Google".

The boy that was born on 30 November 2018 at Bekasi, West Java, went viral after his mother posted the boy's birth certificate on social media.

According to Ella Karina, the boy's mother, it was her husband's idea to name their second child "Google". Andi Cahya Saputra, her husband, said that he wanted to give his son a tech-inspired name when Ella was seven months pregnant.

"I had Microsoft, iPhone, iOS, Windows, and many others. From religion, we considered the names of the prophets, and from the more usual names, we also considered Albar Dirgantara Putra. But when he was finally born, something in my heart told me the name Albar Dirgantara Putra wouldn’t suit [my son]," Andi said.

That before he finally settled with the name "Google".

“His name is just Google. G-o-o-g-l-e, only one word,” the 31-year-old Andi said.

Ella Karina, with her daughter and baby "Google"

Ella initially disagreed with her husband’s idea of naming the child after the famous tech company from the United States.

Andi considered Google as their child's name because he thinks that the boy should have the knowledge of Google, which "knows a lot of things and helps people". He also said that "I hope by son can grow up to be a leader that will lead many people."

Andi convinced Ella.

Starting since, the family's life changed.

After the news spread through the internet and social media networks, and was also shared by @lambe_turah, a popular Indonesian gossip account, netizens started giving their own opinions, including harassment to the couple.

Ella described that many people started mocking and made fun of her.

Some internet trolls even went as far as to accusing the couple for exploiting their child for fame. Ella also said that there are people who said that if she will again conceive, she will name the child "WhatsApp". Some people on the internet also said that the boy would find it hard to search for his name on Google, and also those who commented about the jokes baby Google would have to live through.


“When I read comments on social media, oh my God, was I that low?" recalled Ella.

"Some even said [I named my son Google] to get financial compensation, or that my son would be recruited by Google in the future, or gets his schooling paid for by Google. I said ‘Amen’ to positive messages, because I try to think positively."

Andi’s father also objected to his grandson’s unusual name. When the birth certificate was issued, he asked Andi to give baby Google a last name for administrative purposes, but Andi refused because it would alter the essence of the name.

“I told my father, "Dad, Google has a great meaning, because I hope Google can help many people." Andi said.

The family were reserved at first because of this, even when the baby has been months old. Ella only answered “baby boy” if someone asked her what their newborn baby’s name.

Baby "Google" photographed with a jumper with "Google" written on it.

But for the tech giant Google, that is a different story.

Realizing that the boy shares its name, Google that has a company branch in Indonesia, sent several baby gifts to this baby "Google" via an app-based transportation method.

"They sent several items as a token of appreciation, including the blue jumpsuit worn by baby Google in the photo," said Ella, who did not want to list every item given to her son.

As soon as the couple received the package, Google Indonesia contacted Andi to personally send their well wishes for the baby.

“Google Indonesia called us,” Ella continued. “They expressed congratulations and wished that baby Google could grow up to be a helpful and useful person to many others.”

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