When Booking a Rental Car What Should You Look Out For?

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 5th, 2019

The best car rental services in Orange County provides the freedom to move without complicated planning and a care-free mindset through the country travelling new or current locations. But there are some very important things that anyone who wants to rent a car should pay attention to.

Booking a car rental: What to look out for?

Book early:

To rent locally is often the cheaper option. But usually, the price difference can be compensated by early bird discounts which have many suppliers in the program.

If you want to be sure that your dream car is actually available, you should book as early as possible, preferably 20 weeks in advance.

Look out for a mileage cap:

Many providers of rental cars agree in their contracts a mileage limit. These agreements can turn out to be a cost trap in the worst case. If the tourist exceeds the agreed mileage, it quickly gets really expensive. The best thing to do in this case is to rent without a mileage cap.

Look at different available offers:

Price comparison is great,but are the offers the same? Most unforeseen charges have to be paid for insurance, navigation systems, air conditioners, and child seats as additional costs.

Beware of a deductible:

Cheap insurance usually includes a deductible. If this is 500 dollars or more, the holiday can already be over with an otherwise harmless rear-end collision, because the repair costs overpass the vacationingbudget.

So, at the best car rental in Orange County, we, therefore, recommend a more expensive insurance option with little or no deductible.

Life insurance:

It is obligatory in addition to the car insurance. Whether if its partial or a fully comprehensive policy, it is worth taking a look at the fine print as well. Some of this fine print could include damage caused by vandalism, broken glass, or damage to the underbody which is not always covered

Is driver change included?

Many particularly favorable insurance offers are only valid for the contract holder as a driver. Anyone who wants to take turns on longer journeys with the passenger should, if necessary, extend the insurance cover when the contract is concluded.

Check vehicle condition:

When taking over best SUV rental in Orange County, the vehicle condition must be checked first. All damage must be included in the initial paperwork, otherwise, you could later be held liable for damage caused by third parties.

Make a transfer protocol:

Even when returning the car, the vehicle condition must be documented. A copy of the protocol should be handed over.

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