How a WordPress Client Portal Can Help You with Client Servicing

Posted by CRMJetty on July 6th, 2019

You have all heard that the client is always right. It means that you have to take care of every interaction with your client, regardless of whether that interaction is via phone calls, your website, email, or in person. If your primary interaction is frictionless, you are more likely to retain them.

These methods of interaction are also slowly getting old. Businesses are moving toward leveraging the benefits of the internet, by using client portals to serve their customers better.


Why is a Client Portal Necessary?

With the shift to the internet, the customer interaction ways have also changed. All kinds of industries can and do use a client portal so that they can offer more to their customers, compared to simple query solving that happened over phone calls and emails.

With phone calls, meetings or emails, the drawback was that it could only happen during your office hours. However, not all clients can contact you during those hours, because of various reasons. With a client portal, they have access to you at all times without you having to hire a twenty-four hour staff. 

A client portal gives you the freedom to do much more than query solving. You can offer them a personalized solution based on a client’s specific pain points. This makes them feel valued as a client. The ways of interaction increases with this: file sharing, task management, problem-solving, targeted solutions based on past issues and purchases.


Benefits of WordPress Client Portal Plugin:

Company Benefits:

- Lower overall cost of customer service due to targeted support.

- Clickstream analysis helps to identify potential customers.

- There is a significant return on investment because better customer support helps retain customers for a longer duration.

End User Benefits:

- Single sign-in makes it convenient and secure.

- Custom interface for fitting information modules based on the user.

- Instant, constant support up to a certain level of problems.

Client portal uses:

Client portals are a great way to have an exchanging flow of information and data among companies and customers. Depending on your business, you can use this portal to your best advantage. These are some of the potential use cases of a Wordpress Client Portal:  

File Sharing:

Sharing important files and documents via a number of third-party file-sharing software can be cumbersome to manage. And could lead to confusion. This is why having a WordPress client portal plugin can help keep track of all files shared because it can happen from right within the portal. It does not require you to rely on complex FTP system.


Collaborating on a project is difficult, no matter what level of collaboration it is. A client portal helps you collaborate seamlessly so you can have a constant exchange of ideas and relevant information with each other. This is especially handy if you and your client are not in the same place geographically. This way you, as well as your client, can download, and edit files without any issues. This also eliminates redundancy.

Knowledge Base:

Knowledge base is a very essential tool to educate a customer. You can upload relevant information regarding anything that you think can help the customer and the customer can access this information whenever they want. A rich knowledge base always helps your customer to understand the product or service better, thus increasing their chance of staying with you. 


Wordpress Client management plugin can help you get a much deeper insight into customer pain points so that you can cater to them better and in a more effective way. You can treat all complaints as feedback too and work on improving your product or service.

The great thing about this tool is that you can use it with any CRM that you use Suite, Sugar, Dynamics365 or Salesforce. You can approach a CRM portal solution company to integrate this plugin for you. Moreover, if you don’t already have a CRM, they can provide a custom solution as well.


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