Why an electromagnetic flow meter is used for measuring acid?

Posted by Heiwhite on July 7th, 2019

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The electromagnetic flow meter is an instrument of induction, which Faraday had designed based on the electromagnetic induction law by Faraday. The electromagnetic flow meter is created in order to measure conductive media's flow in a tube. Only one chip is inserted in this instrument to function in a perfect way. Acid has a corrosive nature and every flow meter is unable to measure it in a tube. There are several merits of electromagnetic flow meter that would make the work of measuring acid a lot easier.

A simple way to construct and absence of the moving parts

The electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer has created the electromagnetic flow meter, whose sensor has a simplistic structure. One of the merits of this instrument is that the moveable parts are lacking in measuring tube and there is an absence of any kind of throttling portion, which can hamper the flow of fluid. More pressure does not loss when fluid in a tube passes via the sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter. This flow meter does consume low energy and so you do not have to waste money to measure acid in the tube per month.

Beneficial to measure the voluminous flow of fluid

The magnetic flow meters for wastewater are utilized for measuring conductive fluid's fluid in the pipelines. It is used to do a measurement of some strong corrosive liquid including salt, acid, and alkali. The electromagnetic flow meter is used to measure the volume of fluid and the added bonus is that this flow meter is unaffected by the fluid's medium, density, and viscosity. If you want to use this miraculous device to measure sewage or acid, you can check out https://www.silverinstruments.com/magnetic-flowmeter.html

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Measurement of certain fluids

The chemical flow meter is better for doing the measurement of slurry or dirty fluids, the fluid having corrosive medium and so on. The electromagnetic flow meter does not comprise of any flow component that obstructs the flow of sewage in its metering tube. The electromagnetic flow meter's measuring tube is short, which is non-magnetic and do not contain alloy and it is linked with the insulating thing. Only two electrodes are put on this instrument's measuring tube via the tube wall in the direction of tube diameter for measuring the flow of acid. On the other hand, this flow meter is ideal for measuring mud flow, residential waste, grease and many others in the tubes too.

Know some of the advantageous features of mag meter

The electromagnetic flow meter has better elasticity and the capability to resist abrasion. The chemical properties present in the device are present in a stable position. The electromagnetic flow meter price is reasonable and so it would be affordable for you. The best part of this device's material, Teflon (PTFE) is that it can prevent the boiling of some acids, such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, aqua regia, and hydrochloric acid. Moreover, this mag meter can be best utilized in the industries, metallurgy, environmental protection, water supply, pharmaceutical and paper making.

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