Drinking water helps you burn calories?

Posted by Filter For Fridge on July 7th, 2019

Do not be disappointed with the answer: it depends !!!!

Drinking filtered water can help with calorie expenditure, but with some conditions:

Drinking cold water - your body will need to expend energy to get back into balance, and

Water brings a sense of satiety - if you take it before meals, it will help you put together smaller dishes.

A research conducted by the University of Freiburg (Switzerland) has proven that the story of saying that water accelerates caloric expenditure is a myth. In fact, it assists 5.8% in fat burning, which is a relatively low percentage.

Nutrólogo José Alves Lara Neto explains that a liquid only promotes significant caloric expenditure if it has physical or chemical characteristics, for example, if it is frozen or contain a thermogenic element, such as caffeine.

The truth is that drinking filtered water does not by itself induce the body to expend energy. However, keeping the body hydrated is vital for much of our organs such as bladder, kidneys, liver, for example. Hydration is so fundamental that, besides helping our metabolism, it maintains healthy skin, nails and hair, prevents problems of intestinal constipation and generates greater yield in activities that require reasoning and concentration.

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