Pete Hines reveals what Fallout 76 learned from the Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by xiayumin on July 8th, 2019

“We want to provide more transparency and communication, and more obvious than we are familiar with,” Hines said.

Pete Hines is now opening up the impact of Elder Scrolls Online on Fallout 76. In an interview with, Hines learned more about the lessons the Bethesda team learned from your release and the ongoing support for The Elder Scrolls MMO. Thanks to fans who “keep their ideas and are not influenced by others”. Please forgive me because there is something in my eyes.

Hines goes on to say that if you talk about what Bethesda learned from Elder Scrolls Online, "we like marketing, community and public relations teams try to Cheap ESO Gold adopt the vast amount of content we have learned to implement ESO.

Like Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76 Hines mentions “You have to make changes and adjustments. [ESO] has undergone some very fundamental changes. We realize that this game cannot be successful in the way we imagine it. We must reasonably adopt the player. We gave suggestions and made some changes. Bethesda Game Studio has a page that goes beyond the notebook and says, "Well, we will continue to listen and understand what people want." ”

According to Hines since its inception, Elder Scrolls Online employees have been working hard and taking action “improving extra value and commitment, especially if you are with us from the beginning, right? There are many, When we deal with Elder Scrolls Online Gold problems, they will not only be trapped beside us but if it is very popular and very fashionable, we will also be hit we have failed and got radiation No. 76. They insist on their position instead of being People are around."

The latest expansion of Elder Scrolls Online, Elsweyr, is going all out. Although it has proven a lot of fun, Summerset (the last extension) is the direct gold medal that our Rachel Weber covers in this article, and ESO is better than those gamers. May have never been exposed to MMO before.

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