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Posted by Adele Castillo on July 8th, 2019

4.1 Only check once

Internet speed, especially wireless networks, is often unstable. So in the same condition if you perform the test at least twice, the results of those two times may be different. If it does not match, you should check again and get the average of all 3 tests, so you will have a more accurate view of the actual internet speed.
4.2 Speed ​​test at rush hour

The number of users simultaneously connecting to an internet connection is one of the important factors that directly affect the results of network access speed test. Therefore, in peak hours, your connection will naturally be slower than normal.

Therefore, if you want to check the speed of your internet connection, you should not measure at peak hours, but if you want to assess stability, run the measurement tool in both peak and low time frames. Then compare the difference between the two results.
4.3 Select the wrong test position

In different test locations, the results will be different, so if you choose the wrong position, the results will be incorrect. So which position is most suitable for you to measure internet speed? The answer is depending on your testing needs.

In case you just want to measure the speed of your home wifi, check it out in a well-ventilated and closest place to the router. This means that you should enter the room and place the wifi router and select the most ventilated locations possible and proceed with the normal speed measurement.

If you want to choose the best location in your house to set up a router, check the speed in every room and compare the results with each other. Doing this will help you know which position has the worst signal.
4.4 Check when other devices are downloading

With a wireless network connection, there are often many devices connected, maybe at the same time or different times and bandwidth will be divided to meet the demand of these devices. There is an inevitable rule that if more devices are connected, the network speed will be slower.

While a wifi speed test can only measure the speed on the device you are using. Therefore, if you need to check the internet and want to get the most accurate results, please disconnect all unrelated connections. If not, you must also ensure that no device is downloading or uploading large data.
4.5 Do not restart the computer

You can proceed to check the wifi speed on different devices, however, no matter what device you use, you should restart before checking. The reason is because if the device is not restarted for a long time, it is likely that there will be background applications that reduce network access speed.

You just need to reboot the device and absolutely not launch any application before measuring internet speed. You can even pause the antivirus software until you get results.
4.6 Choose the wrong internet speed measuring tool

Currently there are many applications, websites that help you measure the speed of internet access. However, the question is, which tools should be used to get the most accurate results? There are some network providers that deploy their own test service, if your provider has this service, please use it first.

In addition, you can also use the network speed measurement methods we share above because they are all very easy to use, give fast and accurate results with all the parameters you need to evaluate. get your internet network speed.
4.7 Measuring network speed while using a VPN

This is something that many people do not pay attention to when measuring internet speed, however, it can cause serious consequences when not giving accurate results. So you need to make sure you don't use the VPN application or anything else between the computer and the internet connection.

However, if you are trying a VPN service and want to see how fast it is, you can still measure speed while still connecting to the VPN.

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