More than 2 crore user for free railway station wifi has logged in last month

Posted by delly99tv on July 8th, 2019

In a  statement by Indian railways digital department RailTel it came forward on Tuesday that the total number of wifi users at 1600 various station all across the country has crossed the figures of two crores. They are soon going to launch the free wifi in remaining 4,791 stations within the upcoming year.

To be precise he said that the total number for users of wifi in the month of may was estimated to be 2.32 crore. He further added that despite having easy internet access and low data rate cards still, wifi is the choice for travelers at the railway stations. Along with the schemes of extension soon to other five thousand stations, the installation will ensure every station of Indian railways is wifi enabled. The wifi spots are currently present in all the major cities of the countries and soon to follow another urban suburban and rural areas except for the halt stations. latest technology news.

The largest number of the free wifi user is from the tier1 cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai in comparison to their counter fellow-passenger in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. All bid to provide the free wifi access started with the Mumbai station in January 2016 and within the sixteen month time, RailTel has covered a total 1600 station going live, the attempt has been made to make Indian railway more advance and technologically appealing. The services provided to the passengers are provided from the RailTel brand which is the retails broadband initiative in association with RailWire broadbands. best tech news sites in india.

With still a large number of internet users are of 2G and 3g internet in many tier2 and tier 3 city railways have worked upon providing them faster wifi option over the railway station, this also bridges the differences in the technology. With a large number of the wifi users across the country, Kolkata alone is having the figure of 5 lakh user logins in a month, the trend of making the country a free wifi affair has speed up its pace with many public places being enabled with technology update.