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Posted by smit on July 8th, 2019

Why IEO - Initial Exchange Offering?
The conventional method of raising funds - ICO is now preceded by its updated version, IEO. Initial Coin Offering is what it stands for and by the updated version we mean, it has made fundraising way easier and reliable. Yes, we the crypto masters take pride in being one of the leading IEO develop IEO developers pers in the crypto empire. Scroll below to find our strategies, services, and best practices for a successful IEO. We bet you’d be intrigued.
Initial Exchange Offering

 The crypto realm is now gifted with a fraud-proof method of crowdfunding called the I E O. Apparently, an IEO can be done only on the exchange platforms if the token developers and the and the investors agree to abide by certain rules and regulations. This way there is less to almost no chance for the investors to lose money; which happens to be its major advantage.
Whether you wish to develop an Initial Exchange Offering platform or want to launch your own project in an IEO, we the top level IEO development & consulting company, have the most trustworthy and skilled resources that can stand by your side for a sure shot victory. As a team, we make it our prime goal to deliver better than the best with precise customizations.

 IEO - A Deeper Dive
In the crypto world, ICO was the prime way to raise funds only until IEO was introduced by Binance - the crypto exchange giant. IEO is another method of raising funds. You can raise funds by signing up with exchange platforms that conduct it. When comparing with ICO, the IEO holds numerous benefits one of which is screening both the token developers. This increases trust among investors.


The exchange platform that conducts the IEO testing the projects brought by the token developers.


Since the project goes through screening and is validated, the investors begin to trust the IEO project tokens.


The exchange platform conducts strict KYC/AML procedures and gathers every detail about the participants.

Smart Contract Regulation

When it comes to IEO unlike ICO, the exchange platform takes complete care of smart contract regulations.


You get to save a huge amount on marketing while doing an IEO as the exchange platform takes initiative.


Since the exchange takes care of all the KYC/AML procedures the investors need not worry about security.

How To Launch Your Initial Exchange Offering?

White Paper
We create a compelling white paper that intrigues your investors and the exchanges to build trust in your projects.

Token Development
Our tech professionals develop the best-in-class tokens to launch in the market that stirs interest among the investors.

IEO Launch Marketing - As an IEO marketing company we create hype among the potential buyers to give you great success.

IEO Post Launch Marketing
Once the IEO is launched, your brand is well established and marketing is done to sell the tokens in the consecutive rounds.

Create an Urge and Demand
Induce FOMO amongst the audience about the launch and indirectly create a huge demand and anticipation.

IEO Development Services Company
Having gained experience over these years, we have learned one truth. Developing an IEO is not an easy task. It is strenuous; it takes time and a huge effort. Yet, our immense passion for technologies and constant quest for new challenges every day has made us what we are today in this field. We, being the most sought-after IEO Development Company, know what it takes to succeed in the field and we are determined to give you superior success in the cryptocurrency space.

Token Development
As per your request, we develop your coins on the Ethereum, Stellar or EOS platforms for your fundraising campaign.

 Exchange Approach
Though you don't need a listing service, our tie-ups with the top exchange platforms will help you proceed with your IEO at ease.

 Light Paper
A condensed form of your white paper to present your business in a way that it is legible and builds trust for the investors.

 White Paper
An elaborate explanation of the purpose of your tokens, its solution to the society and much more to intrigue the token buyers.

 Project Pitching
Quick, easy and legit details about the project made to ensure that the investors get a complete idea about the project.

 Marketing Services
Spot on digital marketing services to give your IEO tokens a wonderful opening in the crypto market space.

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