How can one get urgent business e visa to India?

Posted by eindianvisa on July 8th, 2019

Applying for e visa online is the best and handy way to get your visas in the best possible manner. Not because for its convenience, but for the hassle-free process that e visa offers in terms of reliability and deliverability of the visas on time and without fail. Hence, the conventional way and the online methods of getting e visa are quite the same. Both of them take the same number of times to get your visa. But then what if you might have to travel to India on an urgent basis? What is there might be some businesses deal that might need your presence in the country to finalize the deal? Well, for all this we have a solution for you. It’s all given below. Take a look.

Urgent business e visa is one type of visa that the Indian government offers to people who might want to travel to India immediately. These types of visas are hard to get, but they are the best in terms of reliability and providing transparency in the assurance of having them. Thus, to apply for urgent e visa, there is a service known as fast track visa services where you can avail your urgent business e visa to India. But then these services are very meticulous in offering services and might require extra charges to be paid for obtaining these types of visas.

But then for every visa to be passed, there are different eligibility clauses as to why you might want this specific type of visas. All of which are given below.

  • For business and related medical purposes, proper documentation and papers need to be produced. There are several official documents that one might have to provide at the time of applications such that it can hold good as to why you might want to fly to India urgently.
  • The passport that you might be using to travel to India needs to have a validity period of more than six months. With at least two blank pages in it. If not, you might have to apply for a new passport for your travel purposes.
  • Especially for business-related reasons, you might have to have an official document stating form the respective company of your presence in the country for any needfulness.
  • A return ticket must be made to the native country along with sufficient bank balance to manage their stay in the country.
  • Also, keep in mind that urgent business e visa isn’t available to diplomatic passport holders and endorsed parents’ passports.

Thus, these types of visas can be availed only if you have the right documents to support your cause for your travel and the reason behind it. There might be several questions and other formalities that might be asked. But upon approval, it would take at least 24 hours or less to clear your application for business e visa to be cleared.  

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