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Posted by mustak on July 8th, 2019

Welcome To:Wecriptbrowser

Main features:

✓ Lite, Fast and Secure Browser

✓ Tabbed Browsing

✓ Voice Search

✓ Video Support

✓ Night mode

✓ Reader Mode

✓ Bookmarks

✓ Website Desktop Version

✓ Incognito Mode 

✓ Private browsing

✓ Downloads

✓ Read real Live News on the go

✓ data saver

✓ Highly secured

✓ Watch movies, video in full screen 

✓ App lock with finger touch

✓ block ads

✓ Fast Download 

✓ High-speed online streaming

✓ Search engine switching

✓ amazing interface UI

✓ Private browser 

✓ Fast video, movies, song download

✓ Full-Screen Browsing

★ Tabbed Browsing

Wecript Browser lets you easily open multiple tabs at once and switch between them without effort. Tabbed browsing feature gives you the possibility to open a new tab with just 1 tap.

★ Voice Search

Find your online favorite images, videos, and music by using Wecript Browser with the voice search feature. Wecript Secure is a totally free browser created with a simple and easy to use interface.

★ Video Support

Browser support for playing videos available for all your favorite video sharing websites.

★ Reader Mode

With Reader Mode, you can read any ebooks, articles or documents without being distracted by ads or other unwanted elements.

★ Night Mode

Switch to night mode on Wecript Browser to read, browse, and watch movies, video more comfortably at night.

★ Bookmarks

Wecript is a private browser with url bookmarking feature to easily save and access your favorite websites.

★ Full screen Browsing

Full screen: Wecript Browser Hides all the status bar and toolbars and uses the whole screen to provide a great web browsing experience!

★ Search Engine

Wecript Browser Supports Searching via DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, Google, AOL, Etc.

★ Browse Desktop Version

Website not working on mobile? No problem. Access any website like you would access it from a desktop browser. 

★ Incognito Mode

Use incognito browsing mode to access any webpage without leaving a trace on your device. Absolutely no data is saved, all the history is removed.

★ Find In Page

Search and highlight any words that you want to find on a page.

★ Private Browsing

Wecript is a private and secure browser that offers you real browsing experience without leaving any trace.

★ Downloads

Wecript Browser makes downloading files faster and easier than ever. You can easily download movies, song, app, videos and organize your files locally using our download manager screen.

★ Blazing fast Browsing experience 

Instantly boost your browsing speed by up to eight times Faster than other Browser.

★ Battery or power saver 

Wecript Browser consumes less battery then another browser app available.

★ Highly advanced

Wecript Browser is highly advanced based on new Generation technology to make your browsing experience faster, easier with our amazing interface. 

★ Online Streaming

Wecript browser make online streaming so fast you can watch live sports, cricket, movies, Ipl in low internet speed and much more only on Wecript Browser

★ Highly Secured browser

Wecript Browser is a highly secured browser and searching application it helps you to protect your data and your device from malware, malicious site, and apps.

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