Alcohol Addiction: Do You Need a Sober Summer?

Posted by Empire Detox on July 8th, 2019

Many people in South Florida who are struggling with an alcohol addiction or dependence, view the summertime as a very challenging time to stay sober. Empire detox is one of the most highly effective and trusted alcohol detox and treatment centers across the country doing incredible work taking individuals from the spiral of addiction into a life of recovery.  

Summer is the time of year when people like to kick back, relax a little bit, and enjoy the warm weather. That mindset often sets the stage for overconsumption of alcohol. From block parties, float trips, weddings, and lazy days at the beach, these activities can easily become temptations for alcohol-fueled events. Alcohol addiction treatment represents the best chance for addicts who are serious about getting clean and sober and who are willing to put in the effort necessary to make it happen. 

At Empire Detox, you can immerse yourself in an intensive addiction treatment and recovery program, and continue with your regular summer routine throughout treatment. Not only will this help provide you with the necessary life skills needed to stay sober but also it will remove the usual sobriety shock typically experienced from other inpatient residential programs. With Empire Detox you can learn to have a fun sober summer and increase your odds for lasting, long-term recovery with the best drug and alcohol detox and treatment in South Florida. 

So why does alcohol consumption tend to increase during the summer months, making a south Florida “sober summer” so difficult? Although the Holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day may play a role, recent research in the ‘Journal of Studies on Alcohol’ shows that nationwide the summer months are the most popular in terms of annual seasonality in alcohol use (excluding December of course) Although heavy or “problem” drinkers are likely to continue those damaging drinking habits year-round, there are some individuals who may be influenced to start drinking heavily during the summer months when their peers are all doing the same. 

One survey also showed that people tend to associate alcohol consumption with socializing, having fun and a way to “unwind” or have downtime. The summer months are full of all of those things, so naturally, the drinking habits of many people may increase during this time. For people who already have an alcohol addiction, the summer months in South Florida can represent a very big problem.  

Although an important part of recovery and any treatment program for recovery is “the self-care” process, making time for fun and leisure activities should not be confused with a free for all license to abuse alcohol or drugs. There is never a good reason to overindulge in alcoholic beverages, as the consequences of alcohol overconsumptions far outweigh any short-term benefit a drinker might seek. 

How Much is Too Much? Treating Alcohol Use Disorder and Addiction at Empire Detox 

When “how much” has become “too much”, an alcoholic drinker has typically gone form a subtle desire for drinking to a daily obsession.  Socializing at summer parties and events you will meet all kinds of people, some who are sober and some who should be. Some individuals with a family history of substance abuse or prior addiction problems to alcohol will avoid alcohol altogether. Others may choose to consume alcohol, but may not realize when they’ve had too much until it’s way too late and potentially deathly. Patterns of long-term binge drinking and even occasional heavy drinking can easily lead to full-blown addiction, so it’s important to know how much is too much. 

The (NIAAA) National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines drinking to be “at-risk” if it is a pattern of alcohol consumption that could increase a person’s risk for alcohol use disorder as well as other health and personal problems. For example, for men, “at risk” alcohol consumption means having more than four drinks on any given day. For women, it means having more than three drinks on any single day. 

Although this is not an exact science and it may vary from person to person, generally speaking, consuming too much alcohol too often will lead to adverse physical, social, and emotional effects. If your family or friends and loved ones have approached you about your drinking habits or you feel like you may be struggling with an alcohol use disorder, an alcohol rehab program at Empire Detox in South Florida can provide the detox, life skills, peer support, education, and behavioral therapy that is necessary to overcome your addiction. 

It’s not always easy to diagnose alcohol use disorder, especially in someone you love who may be hiding it and certainly not in ourselves when denial has taken over. However, taking an honest look at a person’s behaviors and drinking habits is essential to their overall wellness and the well-being of those around them. There are several “signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder” that you can look for to see if you relate, they are:  

  • Drinking more alcohol or for a longer period of time than you intended 
  • Wanting to stop drinking but not being able to 
  • Getting into situations while drinking that increased your chances of being hurt 
  • Having to drink more than you once did in order to achieve the same effects
  • Continuing to drink despite the fact that it causes social, physical, and emotional problems 
  • Spending a lot of time thinking about drinking, drinking and then recovering from hangovers
  • Neglecting your obligations to family, work, and friends as a result of drinking habits
  • Giving up your hobbies, likes and leisure activities to drink alcohol instead 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when the effects of alcohol are wearing off 

Have you been wondering if you are addicted to alcohol? Maybe you’re not entirely ready to say, “I’m addicted, and I need help.” Perhaps you’re just wondering what to do if you may possible need help with alcohol and are thinking about having a sober summer? 

If you or a loved one is showing any of the signs and symptoms listed above, you/they may be suffering from alcohol use disorder, but you are not alone!  According to a recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 15.1 million adults age 18 and older are suffering from alcohol use disorder. Unfortunately, only a very small percent of these people recieve the treatment they so desperately need. Taking the first step to seek help is the hardest part of overcoming alcohol addiction. Although addiction recovery will require hard work, dedication, and time, it can be done. 

At Empire Detox, our alcohol and alcohol rehabilitation programs are designed to help individuals who struggle with staying sober and chronic relapse. We provide the tools and skills necessary to avoid relapse and maintain long-term sobriety for a fulfilling life in recovery. Our clinical team of addiction treatment professionals provides personalized programs to best address your every need. Even if you’ve tried to get sober multiple times before and failed, Empire Detox can help you. 

Don’t let yourself or a loved one live another day shrouded in the dark cloud of addiction. The sun is out and it is shining bright, and although drinking and partying this summer may seem like “fun” at first, it always ends up in the same dark and stormy place. For those of you who are at the point where you are ready to ask for help, there are hundreds and thousands of people who have paved the way for you and can relate to exactly what you are going through right now! Take a deep breath; everything is going to be okay. Help is here. Treatment for alcohol addictions is not a panacea, but it does represent the best chance for someone who is serious about getting clean and sober and are ready for their life to get better. Get better. Stay sober. Call Empire Detox today.  

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