How to Use a Table Saw: Step by Step Guide

Posted by Susan California on July 8th, 2019


A table saw is easy to use and has a lot of versatility. You can save your time and effort by using this useful equipment but a little unconsciousness can be dangerous for you as well. And to avoid such accidental issues, you should know the right technique to use a table saw to cut boards and make long vertical cuts.

At first, you need to ensure safeguards before starting work. Wear safety goggles by the time you are cutting boards with a saw to prevent flying sawdust and wood debris. Table saw creates bitter noise when cutting boards. So, it is important to provide proper ear protection as well.

You should install blade guards because they prevent debris from kicking back when you are working. This also helps to keep your fingers back from the blade. You should use an insert to protect your fingers from an unwanted closeness to the blades as well. Don’t wear any hanging jewelry or other loose outfits that bothers you while working.

Before starting to work with a table saw, read the manuals or instructions very vividly. Earn the knowledge on how to operate the equipment and how to handle it in any critical situation. When you are master in operating the saw, only you should start working then.

To avoid potential risk factors, you have to make sure that the blades of the saw are higher than the thickness of the wood you are cutting. Make adjust of the blade with the handle on the bottom of the saw to operate it well. Also, adjust the width of the fence as well to cut boards. Then, systematically cut the boards gently with full concentration.

Always be conscious about the emergency button set right next to your accessible place to push it. When you are fully blocked with your hands, your legs can operate pushing the button in emergencies. Emergency buttons will help you turn off the machine quickly. This will save you from a great loss ultimately.

Moreover, table saws have such potential and have the woodwork made easy. Learning the thorough process of working with a table saw is highly recommended to be done by the professionals to avoid such unwanted accidents. And if you want to use it on your own, make sure you know the basics by reading the instructions from the first place.

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