Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Cosplay Contact Lens

Posted by Mike Smith on July 8th, 2019

Cosplay is getting popular by the day. The millennials love to dress up as their favorite character and are going to a great extent to complete that perfect look. Colorful wigs, intricately made costumes, prosthetics and now with cosplay lenses getting a character’s look on point has become easier. A lot of girls and boys buy cosplay contact lenses that change eye color and shape of the pupil to give a cartoon or film character like effect. It gives them the confidence to attend a cosplay event. If you are also a cosplay enthusiast and want to buy some amazing contact lenses to complete your entire look for the coming event, here are a few things that you must keep in mind. It will help in avoiding costly mistakes and also keep your eyes safe.

Get A Prescription

Contact lenses might look like something that is absolutely harmless but they are actually medical devices. As it goes with every other medical product, get a prescription before you buy anime contact lenses. You can consult your eye doctor or reach out to an optician to get the eye examination. They will check your eyes and will tell you whether or not you are suitable to wear contact lenses. Along with that, they will tell you what number you should opt for to enjoy correct vision. 

Precaution & Procedure

Once you have got your prescription, you are ready to buy crazy lenses online. As soon as they arrive and before you try them out, there are certain precaution and procedure that must be followed. The first thing that you need to do is to soak them in lenses solution for at least 6 hours before you try them on for the first time. When they are ready, wash your hand thoroughly to make sure they are germ-free. Also, you must not have any eye makeup on. Always apply the makeup after you have put the lenses on. While you are wearing them, remember 8 hours is your deadline. Don’t wear it longer than that. 

Disposal Of Contact Lenses

In order to keep your eyes in their best condition and avoid any type of infection, you must change lense case once a month. You will find many cosplay contact lens for sale that claims 1-year life span but it is highly recommended to dispose them off every 3-6 months so that they do not cause any harm to your eyes.

Just because you are buying contact lenses for cosplay purposes, it doesn’t mean that you can share it with anyone. Never ever do such a thing for your safety and hygiene reasons. Also, never soak your contact lenses in clean water. There’s a reason why a solution is provided with them. As long as you follow these instruction in the right manner, you will stay safe and can wear cosplay lenses anytime you want.

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