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Various Types of Prover Water Draw Calibration Systems

Posted by ogsi on July 8th, 2019

Proving is one of the most crucial and intricate part of the proving process. It contributes to the highest level of accuracy and performance. There are various types of meter prover skid and systems available in the market inclusive of Bi-directional, Uni-directional, Water draw calibration tanks & Verification systems and Master meters.

Meter proving is the physical evaluation of the performance of a liquid meter in a liquid service. The test is aimed at assuring accuracy at all times. Whether it is a turbine meter, coriolis meter, or a positive displacement meter, the basic proving principles remain the same.  Each meter is different and demonstrates different characteristics while proving, but basic principles do not change.

Meter provers can either be an integrated part of the system or a stand-alone unit. Sometimes, the design specification is based on the specification provided by the client or according to an onsite survey carried out by a reputed prover water draw calibration systems provider.

Here’s a list of components of a typical prover water draw calibration system -

  • Water Storage Tank
  • Calibration Cans or Standard Capacity Measures
  • Flow Meter
  • Pump
  • Flow Diverter Valve
  • Weigh Scales with High Accuracy
  • Isolation Valves and Drain Valves

Understanding Concepts of Various Meter Provers

Bi-Drectional Pipe Provers

Bi-direction pipe prover is the most sought after and commonly used prover across the industry. It is considered the most reliable system for verifying meter readings. It has the ability to enable the metering stream pass through the prover at full flow and that makes it so popular.

Bi-directional provers with Straight Calibrated Section

Bi-directional prover with straight calibrated section has a number of advantages over traditional U shape of Bi-directional meter prover. It facilitates  more stable flow rate during proving, lower pressure drop over the meter prover, better repeatability and more accurate calibration, less wear out of the sphere and durability of pipes’ internal coating to name a few.

Besides, there is no need to recalibrate the meter prover after it is delivered to the site.

Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover

Consisting of a calibrated section, 4 way flow diversion valve, pressure and temperature instruments, sphere detector switches, auxiliary drain and vent piping, launching and receiving chambers, this meter prover is a comprehensive integrated solution. It is aimed at calibrating a variety of flow meters through the facilitation of multiple transferring of definite fluid volume.
Notable prover water draw calibration service providers offer water draw equipment certified by VSL and NMI and hence their services and products must be preferred for higher accuracy.

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