Photography Tips To Help Sell Second Hand Furniture Online

Posted by Cara Palmer on July 9th, 2019

Yard sales used to be the only way to unload second-hand furniture, but when it comes to selling your stuff quickly, the Internet can’t be beaten. The drawback is that it's hard to make a sale when buyers can't see the item in person.

For the number of times, I’ve complained about low-quality photos on Craigslist, I’ve equally been guilty of taking said photos. Sometimes it’s hard to get good photos of your second-hand furniture, but in my experience, the time you invest in taking photos will pay off with a quick sale. 

Here are some tips for photographing your furniture pieces to help them look their best:

1. Clean your furniture.

The most important thing you can do is to give the furniture a quick wipe-down to remove dust and fingerprints. 

2. Use natural light.

Sunlight is the best way to bring out the piece's natural tones. Try to photograph next to a window in the morning or early evening; midday light can cause shadows and make it difficult to see details.

3. Add some context.

Photograph your furniture in a natural setting to help buyers get a sense of scale, this will help them visualize it in their home. Try to keep the camera level with the object your photographing to avoid distorting the look of the piece.

4. Photograph everything.

Be sure to photograph the front, back, and sides of each piece. Also, shoot the details, such as fabric prints, joints, knobs, and surfaces. Try to get at least five photos per piece.

5. Be honest about damages and imperfections.

Photographs do the best job of showing imperfections in a way that won't discourage a buyer. Seeing the damage helps people see what is required—or not required—to fix it.

6. Be mindful of the background.

Be sure to clean up around the house. No one wants to come see what you’re selling if your place looks like a disaster area.

7. Use a solid color backdrop. 

If your items are dark colored, use a white table cloth as your backdrop. If your items are light colored, use a solid color bed sheet as a backdrop.

8. Open it up. 

If you’re going to sell something with doors or drawers, open it up and show the inside. 

9. Be consistent.

When photographing an item from different angles, be sure that you are photographing in the same position and distance from the camera in every shot. Mark a place on the floor where you should stand to take your pictures. The consistency will add professionalism to your listing, this will make customers more eager to buy your items.

Additional Notes: For help on how to find places to sell your second-hand furniture, check out this list of the best places to sell your used furniture.

Selling things online is very competitive and there's a lot of information for buyers to sort through. Taking better photos is one of the best ways you can improve the visibility of your product. The more high-quality photos you take, the better.

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