A Sneak Peek into the Sizes of King Size Mattresses

Posted by amrinaalshaikh on July 8th, 2019

Going for a new bed, or just new mattress? Surely you must be hearing all these sizes like king size, queen size, double bed and all. And if you are confused about what they are what you could have in those mattresses, this will help you, at least with the king size. Here we will discuss king size mattresses and the options you have in them.

A king size bed is a little longer than a full-size double bed. And thus, a king size mattress is more extended than double bed mattress too. It is approximately 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is extensive compared to a queen bed, by around 16 inches. So, a king size mattress is like having two twin mattresses individually for two people.

There are many options in the type of king-sized mattresses. Here are some of these types.

  • Standard King Size Mattresses

The bed is around 80 inches by 76 inches and is suitable for two people. They are also called Eastern king size. These mattresses are closest to  Queen Size Mattresses, more full by 16 inches. Each person on these mattresses has 38-inch space which can comfortably accommodate two to three people.

  • Western Style King Size Mattresses

Western Style King Size Mattresses are longer in size than standard king size mattresses, but not as wide. This measure 84 inches in length X 72 inches in breadth. Compared to king-size beds, these are longer by 4 inches and narrower by 4 inches in size. Even with less width, these are still bigger than queen size mattresses. The extra length on these mattresses means these are ideal for taller people who do not fit comfortably on standard king-size mattresses. Thirty-six inches for a person is still enough space for a comfortable space with the advantage of extra length.

  • Split King Size Bed

Split King size mattress is a stand sized king mattress but split into two halves along the height. These types of mattresses are perfect for use on a single standard size king bed or even two separate twin beds if needed, and you should select a foundation that can match your specific needs. Also called dual king mattresses, split king mattresses come in 2 pieces instead of just one. Each cushion is of a twin bed size.

These types of mattresses are famous for being versatile as you have the option of using them in multiple ways. They make for a great bed in kids bedrooms or guest bedrooms. The mattresses are 80 inches in length and 38-39 inches in width. So, these are very comparable to a standard King size mattress when combined.

You can find a lot of mattress stores selling king size mattresses online, and they always make sure to mention the size of the bed and the material.

Some of the accessible materials are:

  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • PU

So, if you are looking for luxurious sleeping space for two people, you can go and check king size mattresses online. 

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