Low Voltage Switch Assembly Machine

Posted by yihedaautomation on July 9th, 2019

Introduction of Low Voltage Switch Assembly Machine

The low voltage switch assembly machine automated production machinery completes multiple functions such as semi-finished product feeding, semi-finished product assembly, finished product detection and OK product sorting, etc. By utilizing the joint robot technology to implement the transfer and pickup of the product, which only needs to operate the machine when it is lack of material, stuck or alarmed. After the abnormal switch is automatically repaired, it and the qualified switch will be marked with the relevant code in the RTID tray system. 

Machine Features of Low Voltage Switch Assembly Machine

1. The operator only needs to operate the machine when it is lack of material, stuck or alarmed. 
2. Automatically sort out the qualified product and detect the abnormal one.
3. With the HMI control system and alarm information, it can switch the running mode( Automation or Manual)

Machine parameter of Low Voltage Switch Assembly Machine Automated Production Machinery

Capacity: Xt1
Station: 5
Power: AC380V
Power: 10KW
Floor space: 1500*2800*1800


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