A4 COPY PAPERS: An Indispensable Tool in the Office

Posted by mahabub hasan on July 9th, 2019

When you hear the word copier machines, the word A4 paper comes into your mind. Most printing industries are using A4 copier papers, and you might have been bothered if there is a reason for this choice. Ever wonder why most copier machines use the A4 size paper? The reason is simple; it is the worldwide accepted office documents size. The International Standard Organization (ISO) accepted this paper standard.

 A4 copier papers are usually white, although there are a few of A4 copier papers which are colored differently such as blue and light cream (Especially papers used for letterheads). Though, the white is the generally used office paper color. A pack of A4 copier paper which is called a REAM and each contains about 500 sheets of A4 copier papers. For commercial purposes, A4 copier papers come in a set or 5 reams in a carton from a4 copier paper wholesale company. This means that you have about 500 X 5 A4 copier papers in a package.

 A4 papers have a different thickness ranging from 75g to 85g depending on the manufacturing industry and the purpose of the paper. Double A A4 paper manufacturer ‘s for example produces papers which are used for multiple functions and can move freely through all office machines. Talk about printers, laser or inkjet printer, or other photocopier machines. These Double A A4 copier papers are of high quality; they are durable, with a high-quality rating that gives your printing job clarity.

 If you are familiar with copier machines, you will notice that aside from the thickness and sharpness of your printer, the A4 copier paper you use also determine the clarity of your printed documents. Each manufacturer produces different quality of copier papers, and for this reason, some A4 copier papers are whiter than others. The standard size of an A4 copier paper is 11.69 X 8.27 inches, which are equivalent to 297 X 210 mm although there may be insignificant variations for different brands.

 It is no longer news that even though the A4 copier papers are more prominent in the printing industries; it has other uses. For example, it is used in engineering and architectural studies as a hard copy for drawing. A4 has also found its way in use for posters, magazines, catalogs to mention a few. Some innovative minds also use this copier papers in the creation of beautiful pieces such as paper flowers, greeting cards, flyers, and so on.

 The surface of A4 copier papers sometimes come in different grades of smoothness; some papers have smoother surfaces than others. A high percentage of a4 copier paper wholesale companies supply A4 copier papers with two-side usage. This means that you can use both sides of the copier papers for printing and it is an excellent characteristic useful for front and back printing purposes. Thanks to MAGECITAC Paper Co., LTD you can get the best high quality of A4 copy paper for sale at a competitive market price.

 While some A4 copier papers may be in premium specs, others may be for business specs but irrespective of the kind of office document you want, there is always an A4 copier paper made to suit that purpose.

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