How to properly wash the inflatable bag?

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 9th, 2019

Inflatable bag adapts to the different shapes of the garments by filling it evenly with air. Thus, heat is ideally distributed. This is important for an optimal ironing result. The inflatable bag is the only element of a manikin that has regular contact with the clothes. Every now and then we receive inquiries about the subject of cleaning this special textile. Can the inflatable bag be washed, for example? The answer is yes! In this article, we will take a closer look at the care of the inflatable bag. Hope the following tips offered by laundry and dry cleaning near me will be helpful to you.

How the inflatable bag is optimally washed?

The inflatable bag should be cold, or washed with not more than 30 ° C, and spun at a maximum of 800 rev/min. To protect the special fabric, we recommend washing it in a textile bag or alternatively in a pillowcase. As a detergent, while a heavy-duty detergent can be taken. After washing, the drying is on, this is the easiest exercise of the ironing. The inflatable bag is simply put back on the ironing manikin, the switch is turned to the warm air setting and after a few minutes, it is clean and dry.

Can there be a pressure drop of the ironing doll by washing?

No, if the inflatable bag is not mechanically stressed too much and is flung at a maximum of 800 rpm in a textile bag or pillowcase, nothing is to be feared. Also, at a maximum of 30 ° C, no change except the cleaning - to be expected.

An inflatable bag is clean and has no pressure drop.

Is cleaning at 30 ° C hygienic?

It depends not only on the temperature but especially on the detergent used. Since the inflatable bag usually only has contact with clean garments, there is usually no strong contamination.

Due to the addition of bleaching agents as an additive to heavy-duty detergents, a hygienic result can be achieved even at 30 ° C. The situation is different when the washing machine itself is contaminated with bacteria. Then the washing machine should be disinfected from time to time with higher temperature washes.

If you want to wash these types of bags or any other different types of clothes, do not hesitate to contact laundry and dry cleaning near me.

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