Common Cathode, New Technology for LED Display to Save Energy

Posted by ruilingwu on July 9th, 2019

The Integration of Common Cathode Technology and Aluminum Substrate has Saved Energy, Reduced Power Consumption, Prolonged its lifespan, Cost has been decreased, and its efficiency has got improvement.

ShenZhen Ruiling Optoelectronic has published new product—Common Cathode Aluminum Substrate LED Display, which has got high attention in market, the new LED display can save energy by 75%, this outstanding property has attracted clients to inquiry. Now let us learn about the new display which has integrated common cathode technology on the base of aluminum substrate. It can reduce the system power consumption by accurate power supply control system, to optimize product performance, to provide clients the common cathode aluminum display which is more competitive in market.
Common Cathode LED Display Screen

  1. What is Common Cathode Aluminum LED Display?

Common Cathode is the way of common cathode power supply, common cathode LED display is to divide R, G, B, then to provide them power supply separately. Accurate to distribute voltage and current to Red, Green and Blue LED, the current gets through LED to the negative pole of IC, the positive voltage get decreased, the conductive internal resistance gets small.

Common Cathode LED Display Screen

  1. What is difference for Common Cathode and Common Anode LED Display?

1). The direction of power supply is different.

The current of common anode LED display is from PCB board to LED, RGB LED get unified power supply, which has increased the positive voltage drop of electric circuit.

While the current of common cathode LED display is through LED to the negative pole of IC, the positive voltage drop has decreased, conductive resistance gets low.

 Common Cathode LED Display Screen

2). The voltage to supply is different.
Usually, the LED of common anode LED display is given a voltage which is higher 3.8V (such as 5V) to supply unified power, the power consumption is high; While common cathode is to supply accurate power separately to Red, Green, Blue according to their different voltage request (the voltage request of Red LED is about 2.5V, the voltage request of Green and Blue is about 3.8V), the power consumption is small by this way of common cathode power supply, the heat generation is also very low during the working of LED display.

 Common Cathode LED Display Screen

  1.  Why does common cathode LED display generate lower heat?
    According to above contrast, we can understand that the power consumption and heat generation of common cathode are lower common anode. Moreover, the heat generation of common cathode LED display is lower conventional LED display.


Because the aluminum material substrate of LED display has better heat conductivity and dissipation than plastic substrate. The plastic conductive coefficient is about 1/500-1/6000 of metal, the conductive coefficient of aluminum is about 3 times of metal. Aluminum material is always the preferable choice for LED heat-dissipation system.
Common Cathode LED Display Screen

Module is to adopt aluminum substrate design, the heat on PCB board would be directly conducted through aluminum, to directly dissipate the heat which is generated by LED chips and driving IC to outside, heat resistance is small, the conductive area is big, the whole aluminum substrate is the cooling fin of LED chips. The substrate is to adopt die-casting aluminum alloy to make, the product evenness and uniformity have also got greatly improvement, in addition, the product weight has been reduced without decreasing any product stiffness and strong capacity, to save materials. After the product being used up, the aluminum alloy material substrate can be recycled completely, to reduce environmental load. Aluminum alloy product has perfect performance for anti-oxidation, strong adaptability to environment. Die-casting aluminum alloy material also can make product have sufficient ability to anti-interference of electromagnetic wave and anti-radiation, to meet the highest standard anti-radiation required by EMC Class B and FCC, which has improved the product international competitiveness.

Nevertheless, plastic substrate is bad heat dissipation, and it is easy to be damping and distortion when working in harsh environment, to influence display evenness and lifespan. The other shortcoming is that plastic substrate product is difficult to prevent the interference of electromagnetic wave, and can’t avoid its electromagnetic wave to interfere surrounding environment, which might lead to the surrounding electric devices invalid.

By the integration of common cathode technology and aluminum display, common cathode aluminum LED display can make better performance than ordinary common cathode display, such as its heat generation is lower, power consumption is smaller, more environmental protection and more cost-saving. Under normal condition, common cathode aluminum would be lower heat generation by 200% less the same type ordinary outdoor LED display, and it also far surpasses ordinary common cathode display. (Low power consumption, energy-saving 75%, heat-durability without distortion, fast heat-dissipation, its lifespan is 2-5 times of ordinary common cathode, high recycle ratio without contaminating environment).

Common Cathode LED Display Screen

  1. Where does common cathode LED display save money?
    Common Cathod LED Display Screen

1). Save electric cost, save operation cost.

Accurate to supply power has reduced the power consumption of LED display, to reduce the operation cost.

2). Save the cost of relative equipment.

Low heat generation and fast dissipation also can save to install air condition or other dissipation equipment.

3). Save the cost of maintenance and repair.

Complete sealed die-casting aluminum substrate, has protected all components, to make display lifespan be 2-5 times of ordinary display.

  1. What is advantage of common cathode aluminum LED display?

1). Ultra-fast heat-dissipation, low power consumption, low heat generation, the temperature rise of display is low, long lifespan and better display effect.

2). Ultra-strong waterproof and dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet rays, VO standard fire resistance, protection lever IP68, it can be directly put inside water to boil, it can withstand 130 degree for high temperature test, it can put inside water under 3m to work normally. It can keep non-distortion, non-degradation, non-water entering, non-flaming.

3). It is to adopt galvanization lock catch design, easily realize front and rear maintenance, its display box is light, the thickness of whole display is small, it can save to install air conditioner.

4). Cold lighting source with high brightness, ultra-high refreshing, to eliminate ghost image without trailing, its display picture is more clean and exquisite, to keep high fidelity.

5). High efficient energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, the maximum energy-saving can be up to 75%.

 Common Cathode LED Display Screen

The display temperature and power consumption are over high, which is the key factor to influence display usage lifespan. While the common cathode aluminum LED display which is updated and created by Ruiling Optoelectronic can perfectly solve this problems. According to the practically testing data, the display temperature of common cathode aluminum LED display is lower common anode LED display by more than 20 degree under the same specification and brightness condition, its power consumption is lower common anode product by above 50%, which is extremely significant for LED display which is treated as “electric tiger”. According to statistics, the global LED display manufacturing is above 3.5 million square meter annually, taking power consumption as 500W/m² to calculate, it would consume power 1.75 billion KWh each year, this still doesn’t calculate the power consumption during manufacturing. If all the manufacturing are to adopt common cathode aluminum display, it would save power at least 1.75 billion KWh for society annually. Ruiling has got through a long process and rich experience to create high efficient energy-saving display, hope Ruiling common cathode aluminum LED display would bring huge economic benefits and value to clients in display market.

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