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Posted by johnhrq on July 10th, 2019

Native American tribes had been smoking tobacco for centuries, long before Europeans were smoking tobacco. It was an important part of tribal rituals and it was also a socially-acceptable way of showing respect and reverence. Outagami Vape is bringing this special tradition of making clouds into the modern era with its line of vapor products.

When the folks at Outagami decided to get into the market to produce the best e juice flavors, they didn’t go halfway. They decided to create their flavors to fulfill the desire for fresh, tasty, tangy, and scintillating tastes that would make customers smile.

Premium Specialty Flavors

The folks at Outagami are dedicated to producing truly unique vape juice options. These flavors are for those vape users who don’t necessarily trod the common path. They have three premium flavors that are perfect for users who want to try something outside of the usual run of the mill juice options:

  •  Hubble Bubble - Bubblegum flavor meets juicy watermelon for an out of this world taste
  •  Peculiar - Hard to describe but easy to love, Peculiar has a unique crunchy berry flavor
  •  No Dice - A clean, crisp burst of Orange flavor followed with a cool Melon chaser

The staff at Outagami gave dedicated significant amounts of time to mixing and perfecting these flavors. With several exciting new flavors on the horizon, be sure to keep up to date with Outagami so your store can be the first to carry their next line of amazing vape juice flavors.

Buy From Native Americans

Located in Iowa, Outagami is owned by members of the Meskwaki or “Red Earth People.” The brand name Outagami is a shortened version of Odagaami, the Anishinabee people’s name for the Meskwaki. Odagaami means “people on the other shore” and they chose that name for a business aimed at uniting customers from shore to shore with a love for their fine products.

Today, the tribe is the largest employer in Tama County, Iowa with over 1,200 employees engaged in various economic enterprises, including Outagami vape, that helps support the local economy. Buying from Outagami not only contributes to the Meskwaki people but also helps your business. As a business operating on tribal land, Outagami does not charge sales tax on their products.

Customer Support Is Important

The folks at Outagami understand the most valuable asset they have is their customers. As a small business, they know customer care is critical to their success. Making customer support a priority means they know they can produce the best e juice in the world but if they don’t have customers to purchase their e-juice, it’s all for nothing.

Customers who wish to learn more about the company, its products, or anything else, can contact the company by calling 641-352-4723 and speaking with a customer support expert. Customers interested in purchasing products wholesale can call 641-481-5104 and speak with the Sales Representative. Customers can also send an email to lindsey@outagamivape.com or to mona@outagamivape.com to get any questions answered or other information.

Try It and You Will Love It

Everything at Outagami is manufactured with the best ingredients and formulated to give their customers the ultimate in vaping flavor and experience. Dense, thick clouds that satisfy as well as tastes that dance across the tongue and excite the taste buds are what Outagami produces. The prices will keep customers coming back again and again. With all the considerations taken into account, Outagami is one of the best places, if not THE best place, to get the best e juice on the market today.

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