7 ingenious household hacks: washing clothes has never been so easy:

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 10th, 2019

Yes, washing clothes is really super annoying. Fortunately, there are these 7 brilliant tricks given by New York dry cleaners that can save us a lot of time and stress from washing machines and dryers.

1. Mouthwash against bed smells from the washing machine:

What works for us, works well in the washing machine! Our trick against the smelly smell in the drum: Just put half a shot glass full of mouthwash into the machine and let the short wash program run through. Already everything smells fresher.

2. Put dry towel to wet laundry:

Your laundry just does not want to dry properly in the dryer? Then try this trick: Just put a wet towel for wet laundry. This reduces the drying time considerably.

3. Avoid holes in the clothes with a jute bag:

Extremely annoying: The shirt or the delicate summer dresses have small holes after washing. The culprits are mostly bra fasteners or jeans zippers that tear the fabric in the drum.

Laundry Bags or cheaper: thin jute bags! Simply put the delicate clothes in before washing and knot the bag.

4. Hairdryer instead of iron:

Ironing in the summer heat? No thanks! Another super quick and easy way to get the blouse wrinkle-free: slightly moisten with a spray bottle and then go over it with the hairdryer.

5. Salad spinner as a dryer replacement:

There are clothes, such as fine lingerie, that are so delicate that you have to wash them by hand. The dry trick for handwashing: the salad spinner. Just put the underwear in and spin.

6. No static charging and quick dry laundry:

Dryer balls make the laundry after the dryer softer and less static. Instead of buying expensive dryer balls or dryer clothes, try this trick: wrap a tennis ball completely with aluminum foil and put it with the laundry in the dryer. The effect will impress you.

7. Freezer instead of the washing machine:

Washing clothes is particularly annoying when there are many jeans in the load. The expert tip from jeans experts: wash your jeans more often. It is because usually, the pants do not need the wash at all.

According to New York dry cleaners, instead, put her in the freezer overnight. After that, they are fresh again and you save the annoying washing. In addition, you spare jeans, so it lasts much longer.

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