How 3D Virtual Staging Helps Sell Your Property 6X Faster

Posted by 3DDesigner on July 10th, 2019

As realtors know only too well, it’s very hard to sell an empty home! Bare walls and echoing hallways look sad and neglected and do not make a pretty picture. When clients are unable to imagine themselves living in a property, chances are it will not be sold quickly. With the hyper-competitiveness in today’s Real Estate Rendering Market, it becomes all the more important that homes for sale are presented in the best possible light.

Today’s answer- 3D virtual staging

Enter 3D virtual staging! If you haven’t heard of this term, 3D Virtual Staging encompasses technology at its creative best. By taking digital photographs of empty rooms and providing actual measurements taken at the site, 3D visualization experts can insert furniture, rugs, curtains, and accessories into the images.

Even if the photos show existing furniture which is perhaps not in the best shape, the staging designers will be able to remove the pieces of furniture that you do not want and replace them to complement the new style you have in mind. Clients who view the finished images can connect with the spaces emotionally; a big factor when it comes to making a bid for the property!

How does 3D Virtual Staging work?

In contrast to physical staging, virtual staging images are created using 3D Staging Software, quickly and at a very affordable price tag. Designers can create, and customize furniture and furnishings to make a completely bare room look stylish and comfortably lived in. They can create stunningly Photorealistic Visuals that will help to capture the real potential of your listing, and make buyers fall in love with the homes!

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