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Posted by John Smith on July 10th, 2019

If you want to ensure that your pool water is always in the right condition for the bath, you need to understand that there is a need for Pentair Aboveground Salt Generator.

This is because the chemical is primarily responsible for eliminating bacteria and fungi, which ensures water quality and avoids diseases.

However, Swimming pool Dechlorination Chemicals should be done because chlorine can also be dangerous and cause damage to the body when applied incorrectly when treating water.

Too much chlorine in the pool causes a lot of problems, especially in children. So there is a need for using Pool Dechlorination Tablets.

Problems caused by excess chlorine: The major damages caused by excess chlorine in the pool water are reflected in the health of the bather. Continued exposure tends to cause: skin redness, eye and mucous membrane irritation, vomiting or nausea, burning sensation in the throat region.

For people who have allergies, too much chlorine in the pool can be even more harmful. The unregulated amount can cause difficulty in breathing and even generate pain in the chest region.

What is the ideal level of chlorine?

The more the pool is used, the greater the amount of chlorine. However, to know the correct dosage, the best thing to do is to perform the weekly water analysis. Typically, the correct chlorine level should be between 1 and 3 ppm. Outside this level, in excess or deficiency, it ends up deregulating the operation of the pool as a whole. Measurement can be done with the help of pool test kits, which are easily found in stores in the industry.

It is worth noting that the low level of chlorine opens space for the formation of chloramine, a mixture between chlorine already used and without effect, sweat, oils, sunscreen, makeup and other impurities. It can cause irritations, dry skin and aggravation of allergies.

The benefit of chlorine in the pool:

Ultraviolet rays aid in the decomposition of chlorine. It is important that in this period, the swimming pool is used, precisely so as not to compromise health.

Balanced levels of chlorine, it is important to resume the correct application, which should occur as follows: Professionals in the industry still stress the need to read the product label, since the dosage can vary from brand to brand. In addition, it is critical that the chlorine is first diluted in a bucket with water to then be dumped into the pool. Electric Spa heater is also very important for the swimming pool purpose.

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