The Type Of Men Who Go Gentlemenís Clubs

Posted by Nabin Shaw on July 10th, 2019

Why do men like going to strip clubs or so-called mens clubs is the biggest question that has stumped women for ages and truth be told, the answer is not as complicated as we want it to be. Men are visual beings. They see, they get attracted and then they want. At this day and age we are living in, probably no one can say they have never encountered a strip club or the idea of an actual place where men spend hours just drinking and looking at naked women. For man, mens club Melbourne is the next best thing to heaven. The thing is, no one goes into a strip club looking for love. They are looking for something, but until they actually know what it is, it may as well be a unicorn that lives in a strip joint.

There are different types of men that you can find in a men's club and their reasons for setting root in a strip club are as different as they are:

The Regular

Pete who just walked in from the street one Friday evening, finds himself walking off the street into the club every Friday afternoon now and lying to his girlfriend about guys night out. The truth is: Pete only has 2 friends, Nate the copy guy at work who lives with his mom and Stan, the guy he sometimes lends his toolbox to who lives in the same building. Pete is the kind of guy who is just going through life. Yes, he has a girlfriend, which is a shocker but some girls do love a nerd. Pete fantasizes a lot too and since he has discovered the strip club his Fridays have been so much exciting than they were before. Unfortunately, Pete is developing a crush on the chair you'll now find him perched on every night under the pretence of more work to be done at the office. They are become well acquainted with each other. Everybody at the club now knows Pete, they greet him by name, they know his usual drink and how much he will spend if he is having a good day or a bad day. The girls appreciate customers like Pete because they don't want much, just a little recognition. They are there every night come rain or shine, good days and bad days too.

The Bachelor Party

Strippers expect to entertain bachelors at some point. Guys will go to a strip club when someone is about to get married. That is like a universal tradition. The dancers have to work extra hard to make the night the one to remember because it will be one of those that gets recounted over and over again until heads have all gone bald and. Bachelor parties are easy to please. Once the alcohol flows and titties come out and the mayhem begins.

The finance business type

These are the serious business guys. These are the guys who come around to celebrate some momentous event at work like closing a deal. They may feel generous and tip a lot and they usually demand the best girls and the best service. They typically have corporate expense accounts and put everything on a credit card.

The Divorcé

The are men who when they are going through a rough time they turn to strip clubs. Saying that the best mens club Melbourne has to offer is probably the busiest therapy office in the world is no understatement. Strippers hear all sorts of stories. While a man may feel emasculated by a divorce, he could derive some sort of power from watching another woman try very hard to please him and them show some appreciation for what he has given.

BIG Spenders

Celebrities go to strip clubs too. They are real people after all. So do rich people, tech magnates, farmers, oil tycoons, bitcoin millionaires - people with money go to strip clubs and when they do, they can make it rain 20s. These are the nights when things get really interesting and the entire strip joint makes off with a little more than usual.

The Couples

Sometimes guys come with their girlfriends or wives. They could be doing that to satisfy a curiosity one of them had or they could be doing it to try and spice up their marriages. Whatever reason it's not the stripper:0's jib to try and convince anyone that it was a good idea to do that. All that the girls can do is dance and earn their money. Whether that turns people on or off is their own business

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