What are the effects of Business Process Mapping?

Posted by sander on July 10th, 2019

Business Process Mapping, also known as BPM is about optimizing and managing all the different processes within an organization. These business process management activities will make sure that employees work effective and that all results can be linked to the goals of the organization. The goals could for isntance be related to innovation or quality. These different processes heaviliy rely on IT. So, we can say that BPM and it structures are related to each other. The software you use for BPM will align the different It and processes in a way that it leads to effectiveness, flexiblity, knowledge exchange and efficiency. An example of a software is Bluedolphin


The first result of the BPM software is efficiency. The software simplifies compex communication networks and will provide it with visual insights so that the communication and work processes become less complex. This can lead to making less mistakes and therefor, working more efficient. 


The second result of BPM software is effectiveness. This results goes hand in hand with the first one, efficiency. However, there is a difference. Effectiveness is more related to the the process itself whereas efficiency is related to the process. 



The third one is flexibility. Every company wants to outperform their competitors. To do so, they need to take external environmental changes into account by every action they take. If there are huge environmetal changes, the BPM software makes responding to this change easier. So when your processes are optimized, your company can better adapt towards changes. 

Knowledge exchange

The last one it knowledge exchange. Because the software makes sure that all information is up-to-date, employees also have updated information in front of them. 


To summarize, business process mapping is about optimizing processes which can be done with different softwares. It will allow companies to share more knowledge, work more effective, efficient and more flexible. 



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