How to Enjoy a More Sustainable Mountain Biking Trip in Lake Tahoe

Posted by Miley Munroe on July 11th, 2019

Unless the Tahoe area is covered in snow, any season is perfect for mountain biking in Lake Tahoe. Not only is the area home to the famous Flume Trail, but it also boasts of some of the most beautiful mountain biking trails in the country. However, with increased attention being given to the negative environmental effects of mountain biking, you need to take up measures that will reduce your impact on the trails and their natural beauty. So, here are some ways in which adventurous mountain biking in Lake Tahoe can be done sustainably:

1. Stay on the trail.

It is completely normal for you to want to veer off track and explore new trails and un-trodden grounds. However, every off-trail adventure that you embark on leaves behind a lot of erosion and destruction to the surrounding vegetation. So, it is best that you stay on the trail.

2. Keep your speed under control.

When you pick up a high speed on your bike, it becomes crucial for you to hit the brakes when you approach an obstacle, hikers or cyclists. When you hit the brake, you unknowingly cause excessive damage to the terrain. Therefore, you should try to ride at a speed that you can handle without having to slam the brakes at every turn.

3. Be mindful of animals in the area.

Bike trails often affect wildlife in the area, because the sound of speeding bikes can frighten the animals and also disrupt their lifestyle. You can help with the safety of the animals by keeping an eye out and slowing down in areas that are specially marked. When riding in areas where you might encounter big animals, wearing a bell can help ensure that you do not startle them.

4. Pick up debris along the way.

It is a no-brainer that littering should not happen, but you will still find trails dotted with plastic bottles, packets, wrappers and a host of other kinds of trash. If you happen to encounter such trash, pick it up. Carrying a trash bag when you ride can be helpful. You can also clean the trails by picking up fallen branches and other debris so that other riders do not widen the trail.

5. Clean your bike after every ride.

You may be looking at the heading and thinking, “How will cleaning my bike reduce the environmental impact when I ride?” Well, when you ride through a trail, you and your bike pick up, along with dirt and debris, seeds, which may then get deposited in areas that have more sensitive vegetation. In worst case scenarios, this can cause the pre-existing vegetation to get wiped out. So, cleaning your bike after every ride will help you eliminate this potential problem.

Implementing some small changes such as these will help you reduce your impact on the environment while still enjoying your bike ride. 


Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about eco-friendly mountain biking tips.

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