Advantages of the Deployment Model of Dedicated Hosting

Posted by eHosting DataFort on July 11th, 2019

In the modern digitalized environment, organizations of all scales and sizes across the globe desire to host their very own website, mail server or web application on the web in order to augment their overall business opportunities. Shared hosting typically is the most common option used by companies to host their website. In this method basically a single server is shared by number of distinguished websites.

There however are many organizations that need superior flexibility and control when it comes to the hosting of their website. In this scenario, companies typically opt for the services of dedicated cloud server hosting. This is an incredibly efficient form of internet hosting, in which an organization leases a whole server for its use. Firms offering the services of dedicated servers in Dubai and other urban centers of the planet enable their clients to enjoy full control over the security and software systems of these servers. Dedicated hosting is also referred to as a managed hosting service.

The advantages of dedicated hosting

The system of dedicated hosting is typically perfect for large scale organizations having websites with high traffic rates. Dedicated hosting process has numerous advantages, such as consistent performance, on-demand deployments, single-tenancy, customization, as well as high security and compliance. Here’s more on the benefits of dedicated hosting:

  •  Single-tenancy: This feature basically means that a dedicated server can be used only by a single client, who enjoys full access to all the resources available on its hardware. They also get to manage this server according to their requirements. This makes dedicated hosting ideal for companies dealing with high input/output intensive applications that typically demand quite a high performance, including voice (VOIP) and gaming services.
  •  Consistent Performance: Owing to the single-tenant characteristic of dedicated hosting, as well as the direct access it provides to the various hardware resources like memory, CPU, applications and disk, the client organizations can count on the high performance of their website or application hosted through this system.
  •  Security and Compliance: The single-tenant nature of the dedicated deployment model provides it with an inherent security level. In case of dedicated hosting, the client organizations would be able to deploy security methods like antivirus and configurations, as per their distinguished requirements and needs. The risks of security breaches tend to be quite minimal when it comes to dedicated servers, as the security measures undertaken in this deployment manual are tailor-made as per the needs of the client.
  •  Customization: Unlike shared hosting system, the organization using dedicated servers get to enjoy an absolute control over their server. They would be able to choose how much, as well as what type of a CPU, storage and memory they would need. Firms offering the services of dedicated servers in Dubai and other cosmopolitan cities typically enable their clients to customize their servers as per the specific requirements pertaining to their website or application workloads. In most cases, they get the option to scale down or upgrade their server after its initial setup as well.

A better insight on dedicated servers can be found on the websites of companies offering this hosting service.

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