New Designed LED Light And The Creativeness In Customized Size LED Panel Light

Posted by john roone on July 11th, 2019

"Sometimes you need to change the perspective slightly in order to see the light". LED (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the most recent and advance technology in the lighting industry, because of it's numerous advantages, it has gained popularity in no time in the market. It has various features such as long life, endurance, high quality illumination etc. It's a light source which is based on semiconductor technology which allows it to have longer service life than fluorescent and incandescent lamps. It provides to list many advantages of LED lights.

In electronics light-emitting diodes are important part from years, but has recently gained popularity due to it's high power. Today there are several of LED sources available in the market which has the capability to light up a street road, parking area and even office buildings & stadium. LED lighting has been acting as the substitute for common lighting and the most commonly used lamps in the market are COB which is also known as Chip LEDs, LED SMD etc. For household lighting the output is ranging from 0.5W to 5W, whereas for industrial purposes the output might range from 10W to 50W.

LED lights have many other properties which makes them one of the most popular lighting solutions, such as:-

1. Durability

They have a long service life; it is probably the best property of LED lights. They have high work efficiency and can run up to 11 years as compared to other common lights.

2. Efficiency

Probably LEDs are the most energy-saving options which use less electricity as compared to other incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It has the luminous efficiency of about 80-90%.

3. Resistivity

The resistivity of LEDs is very high. They have the high resistance property against impact and temperature. They take much longer time to exhaust heat which is quite negligible.

4. Eco-friendly

One of the best New Designed LED Panel Size Company is they do not contain toxic gases and materials such as mercury and other materials which could be dangerous for the environment. They are absolutely recyclable, that certainly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.

5. Variety Of Colours

There was a time when we used to tolerate only one colour which was yellow. But now the technology is so advance that we can have varieties in colours as well. Red, green, blue whichever we want, we can have it.

6. Customisation

With modern technology and ideas the world has changed the old tradition of one shape that we're offered. Now we can have our Customized Size LED Panel Light. Any shape, any colour everything is possible now.

There are so many other advantages of LED lights which might take days on counting. The first ever LED was lighted up in 1962, yet it took long time to become the favourites for the common man and the contractors. In present day, we can witness the creativity using the LED lights in showrooms, restaurants and even one's home by displaying different type of LED bulbs. LED Panel Light in Australia has become popular these days. Due to specific purposes and styling people of Australia has used it in very impressive way.

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