Five Things to Look for in a Title Search

Posted by experttitlecompany on July 11th, 2019

Congratulations! You’re ready to take the plunge and buy your first home. Excitement is in the air as you imagine your dream home and the future, but it’s important to take your time. Because home buying is a serious legal and financial undertaking, being careful and attentive to details can save you from financial strife and legal woes. When choosing a home, it’s important to consider things like how much space you need and the ideal location, but don’t forget to do your research on the legal side. A title agency in Boca Raton like Expert Title Company can assist you to make sure you are making a well-informed purchasing decision. They can conduct a title search on your behalf to uncover any issues which may complicate the purchasing process beforehand.



The first thing you should look into when conducting a title search in Boca Raton is property ownership. Is the person selling the home legally able to hand over ownership? They may say so, but there’s nothing wrong with double checking. This is especially important if the circumstances surrounding the sale may bring ownership into question. Home sales driven by divorce may require approval from both parties. Other homeowners may attempt to conceal pending foreclosures or bankruptcy that may mean the house actually belongs to a bank or mortgage company. Know what you’re getting into before you sign any paperwork.

Loans and Liens

Unpaid loans and liens or property may transfer to you along with ownership. Real estate closings transfer all financial responsibilities concerning the property into your name, even if you aren’t the one who accrued the debt. Thankfully, these financial records are public and can be uncovered through a search by a title company in Deerfield Beach. If the search uncovers pending financial claims on the property, you can choose to either cancel the sale or add a clause to the contract requiring those debts to be settled prior to sale.

Back Owed Property Taxes

Unlike loans or property liens, property taxes are owed to the United States government rather than a private bank or mortgage company. While you will not face jail time, the financial strain may transfer to you if your contract states you will cover all costs. A real estate lawyer can review and revise any existing contract or draft a new one to protect you against unanticipated debts.


Is your potential new home on sale because of the passing of its previous owner? Be careful, as the property may be included in a will. If it is, the inheritor may have claims on the property even after the sale is complete. Because they are legally the owner due to inheritance, your title will be voided, and you may be required to repurchase or surrender the property. Avoid these messy legal issues by conduction a comprehensive title search with Expert Title Company! We double and triple check for any and all parties who may have viable property claims.

Property Damages

Homeowners may not be forthcoming with information about property damages in an attempt to sell their home. However, if damages aren’t properly repaired or ignored, the issue may return months or years later. Hidden mold, structural issues, and leaking septic tanks can be costly. Any prior damages which are covered by homeowners insurance or which require permits may appear in a title search, helping you to see through deceitful sales tactics.

If you’re ready to begin your journey to home ownership, let Expert Title Company help you make the right purchasing decision.

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