The Evolution Of Female Musician And Heavy Metal Music With The Importance Of Mu

Posted by john roone on July 11th, 2019

Music itself acts as a healer, it the medium of expression of humanity. It's something we all love, irrespective of any religion and culture. Most of the people would agree that music has a therapeutic potential. We all have at least one song which triggers our emotional response, whether it's a jazz, pop, classic, rock etc. We have a deep connection with the music. It has also been found out after many studies that music has the aid to benefit mental health. According to a research, music increases the amount of dopamine produced in the brain which is a mood therapy chemical that treats the depression. It not only helps in case of depression but also helps to recover from anxiety and reduces pain. It's an effective stress reliever; it lowers the body cortisol level. However all of the health benefits depend upon what type of music is one listens to. Whereas relaxing and soothing music has found most likely to lower any kind of anxiety, stress or depression.

Music is mostly about the art and the artist. Male musician was dominating the music industry by being the artist that people loved as compared with female musician. Earlier, music was all about a male musician. With greater dominance by a male musician, female musicians got overshadowed by them.

But it's 21st century now, with great talent and melancholic voice female musician has emerged themselves as an inspiration for many. Once it was all about the king of pop, but in today's generation the music industry has pop queens in the chart. Women in music industry are a little issue plaguing women for years. After so many contradictions and debate, women are still being objectified an odd people in the music industry irrespective of their success, art, ideas and talent. Maybe the problem is not the lack of women in music industry but maybe the constant misplaced focus on their gender, but no doubt about the fact that women do have immense creativity and has the ability to produce one of the biggest hits in music industry. Talking about the biggest hits, League of Legends a virtual girl band has managed to break many records and has topped the chart. The four characters in the music video of League of Legends were loved by millions of audience. It was created for a video game which nobody thought would make history.

Pop and rock music has been favourites for many. It produced many legends who ruled the music industry for a very long time. The craze of heavy metal music is ineffable. It's a loud and powerful music, consists of drum, bass, electric guitar which results in aggressive music. If one only tries to understand the lyrics of it then it might be possible to catch because of the vocal technique used, it's quite fast. Heavy metal music was discovered in late 60's to vent about society and social evils. Therefore, sometimes the lyrics of the song touch controversial issues. Once it was overshadowed by disco music in the end of 70's but it regained its popularity back in early 80's. In 1980, sub-genres of it emerged in the industry, such as "Death Metal", "Trash Metal" and "Glam Metal". It became difficult after sub-genres were discovered to define the real heavy metal because of new sounds and different groups. But the craze of metal music is still the same.

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