Some of the best Ecological Washing Tips:

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 11th, 2019

We all want to contribute to having a happier, healthier and energy-saving planet and also money. It is not always easy to think of an ecological wash when you have several loads of "family size" dirty clothes and frantic life.

If you are looking for a simple way to care for the environment and reduce the impact you cause, learn to transform your washing habits for a better world. The best tips suggested by New York dry cleaners.

Ecological cleaning habits and eco-friendly products:

If you do not have a budget for a new washing machine, do not worry. You can still make a big difference by changing the way you wash your clothes. Start by reducing the temperature of the wash cycle. Going down from 40 C to 30 C does not sound much, but it can mean 40% average savings in electricity for each load of clothes.

Today many washing machines wash efficiently at low temperatures. There are also many detergents which work in the same way. In addition to its cleaning power, the next time you buy detergent, make sure that its ingredients are friendly to the environment.

Currently, there are many biodegradable products, manufactured to preserve our natural water sources and wildlife habitats, without using harmful chemicals. There is also good news for your family since the softer products are less aggressive with your skin and overall health. Finally, it may sound obvious, but try to fill your washer to its maximum capacity when possible. You will save energy, water, and money by doing less washing.

Ecological drying habits:

If your washer has a drying function, there are several ways to use it more efficiently. It is important to clean the filter regularly, as it may cause the drying cycles are not appropriate.

Some of the newer models bring humidity sensors that stop the washing machine automatically when the laundry is already dry. It does not take much effort to stop the environmental impact.

As suggested by New York dry cleaners further, the most efficient washing machines in the use of energy can produce a radical difference, but you do not need to invest a fortune to contribute with your bit. By just using eco-friendly cleaning products and making small changes in your washing and drying habits, you can help conserve the environment in each load of clothes.

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