Step by Step Guidance to Relocate Car from Delhi

Posted by Manisha Mishra on July 11th, 2019

While you are shifting to a new city from Delhi, it is needed that your car also gets shifted to the new city in a safe and sound manner. Proper planning is needed for a safe relocation as well. This reduces the risk of any kind of damages and also assures that the vehicle doesn't get lost or any kind of theft does not occur.  Here is a detailed step by step guide that you can follow while you decide to relocate your car from Delhi:

  1. Find the shifting company that is reliable:

 The Car Carriers in Delhi use trailers and trucks for the shifting of vehicles for long distances. Therefore a company that you can trust must be hired. So do some research and find a company that offers good services at reasonable prices. Also, it should have a good reputation and relevant experience in the field.  Ask the company if they do provide door to door services or not. They must be verified companies preferably IBA approved for your complete reliance.

  1. Enquire the company about insurance:

Although every company that is great at the work they do and have a well-trained team, there can be some unexpected damages that can still occur. So hire a company that provides insurance coverage while the vehicle is getting shifted. This way any kind of harm to the car will get repaired easily as you will be able to make claim in case of any such situation.

  1. Clear the car before shifting:

Any kind of personal items in the vehicle has to be removed before shifting of the vehicle takes place. The companies that are providing Car relocation in Delhi are not going toshift your vehicle until every personal item has been removed from the vehicle. Also, any kind of accessory that is detachable also has to be removed. This is important as there is a probability of the accessories getting damaged or lost while the vehicle gets shifted.

  1. Look for any kind of present damages:

Every vehicle does have some small damages or minor issues that happen with regular vehicle driving or because of the bad weather. These can be overlooked easily. But when you are hiring a shifting company, you need to have a record of all the damages that the vehicle has in the initial stage of shifting. For this, there has to be an inspection of the vehicle done inside out and it is best to take a number of pictures from different angles that will be helpful later on for comparison.

  1. Shift your Car:

This is the final step. The professional Car packers and Mover team will visit you. And there trained team is going to pack the vehicle with good quality packaging material. And with the help of equipment, the vehicle will be loaded on the trailer for relocating.

With you can get all of the details that you need regarding car and bike Shifting in Delhi, this will make the entire shifting easier for you as well.

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