Want To Know About Fire Rated Doors? Here Are Some Basic Facts!

Posted by Sarahmichelle on July 11th, 2019

Whether we live in an apartment or a home, we all have a right to receive the best quality of safe services. We are right to expect that we are protected in the event of a fire breakout.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works most of the time. Anytime anything may fall within the fabric of the building and an accident may occur causing severe injuries or even death.

To prevent such a tragedy and to further secure the building, installing a fire rated door could be an effective preventive measure.  Such fire doors constitute an important component of a building’s passive fire protection system.

For those who are confused about getting fire doors, here are some basic facts about these doors and how can they help in case of a fire.

Fire rated dooors

How is a fire door different from a standard door?

Unlike standard doors, a fire door is manufactured to endure the spread of fire for a specific period of time. A typical fire door can withstand against fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Such an ample time window allows for inhabitants inside a building to get out it.

Fire doors can either be of solid construction or made using a special core which is burns at a very slow pace. The doors can also be made using special seals that are fitted into either the door or frame.

Do you really need a fire door?

Even though fire doors are mostly used in commercial buildings yet they could also be mandatory in some domestic homes, depending on the country specific building regulations.

To get the best answer to this question, you need to check the regulations of your building. A lot of fire doors are already installed internally. In certain situations, however, fire doors are already fitted internally and in other conditions, they may be required for external use.

For clarity purposes, there are written regulations that confirm the legal requirement for the fire safety.

Are fire doors available in more than one design?

Fortunately yes! There are numerous doors that are available as fire doors. This means you have a huge variety of designs to work with. Moreover, you are also able to enjoy an amazing variety of finishes and glazing options!

Normally, fire doors are sold in a complete set which includes the frame and essential ironmongery which helps in holding the door in place in the event of fire. Also, this is a safer solution as the door set need testing to ensure all elements are compatible.

Are fire doors tested? If so, then how?

Yes. Normally, all fire doors are tested. As a matter of fact, there is a legal requirement in place for such door manufacturers to prove that their doors perform as per their claims. Therefore, the best fire rated door company in Yonkers NY will have all their products effectively tested.

How is testing done? The tests are usually done with an independent third party testing company. For testing purposes, they build a ‘door set’ into suitable conditions on a furnace. Then, a real fir test is carried out to find out whether or not the door withstands according to the claims. This is the kind of test that leads to evidence for any particular door set.

These were some of the most basic facts that you need to learn about fire door. Based on this, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not you need fire rated door.

Fire rated doors benefits

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