Top 10 Tips That Will Make You Influential in Games

Posted by Evelyn Williams on July 11th, 2019

Kids cannot be more fascinated by the new games that get invented every now and then. Gaming developers prepare the entire interface in such a way that it is really interesting. Due to the great graphics, it seems like it is a real-life situation, which interests the kids a lot.

Certain games take a lot of efforts to excel in; especially if it is fairly new. There are people who learn things quite quickly and know some inside tricks that make them ace the game, even if it is a new one. 

Below are top 10 tips that can make you really influential while playing games. 

Top 10 Tips 

If you know the inside tricks of acing the game, then no one can stop you from leading it too.

1.      Move a Level Up 

Just take the quiz that are available in front of the screen, and ace it. This can help you skip a specific level and get ahead of everyone else in the game.

2.      Build the best team 

If it is a team game, then you need to check for such players who have aced other games too. The profiles of the players are displayed when you select them. Select efficient players only, who are serious about the game, so that you have the best team there is. 

3.      Make use of the mini-games

If there is a virtual game, there has to be a mini game for it. It keeps on popping up in between. Make sure you win those small games, which can help you score more. The best score also helps in generating lead in the game. 

4.      The cheat code help

Cheat codes are one of the most common inside tricks while playing a game. These codes are introduced by gaming developers that are known to many; however, these codes are easily available on the web when searched for. It can help you skip a level, win more scores, etc.

5.      The replay strategy 

When you play a specific level again and again, you gain better scores. Also, you get to know more about the quizzes that will be available. Take screenshots wherever you can, and this will help you build a high-score.

6.      Watch Ads 

Ad is what generates revenue for games. Watch the ads, and try and start where you left off, instead of having to start the game all over again. 

7.      Watch YouTube Videos 

Many people upload a copy of their game on YouTube. If you watch the game, you get an idea of how to win it. 

8.      Manage Proxy server

Managing proxy is another great thing that can be done to move up a level. Different proxy servers enable higher versions of the game.

9.      Redeem the rewards

Every game has some rewards available when you start a game on a new day. Redeeming such rewards can help in a better score. 

10.  Play the games in the bonus section

 A bonus game is available once you’ve finished the game. These bonus games also help in improving the score and get you extra gadgets for a better game.

  Out of all the tricks and hacks that the games suggest, setting up the proxy is one of the most probable ways to earn scores. This can make you really influential.

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