Fluorosilicic Acid Market Key Trends and Opportunity Analysis up to 2019

Posted by amol on July 11th, 2019

Fluorosilicic acid is an organic liquid produced as by product of hydrogen fluoride and phosphoric acid production. It is generally used for fluoridation of water to maintain fluoride level in water by municipal corporations and in toothpastes. Maintaining fluoride levels helps in preventing tooth decay. Being a liquid, fluorosilicic acid is easy to handle and plant operators does not have to handle the fine powder which may create occupational hazards. Fluorosilicic acid is used in various applications that include sterilization, electroplating, commercial laundry, oil well acidizing, wood preservative, stain and rust removing, neutralizing agent and for tanning of glass, ceramic and animal hides.

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Rising demand of fluorosilicic acid in fluoridation of drinking water is expected to drive the market. Governmental regulations in the U.S. and Europe are compelling the municipal corporations to use fluorosilicic acid as fluoridating agent for public drinking water. Fluorosilicic acid is used in manufacturing of commercial detergents such as cryolite, silicon tetrafluoride and other fluorosilicicates. Rising demand from textile industry is further expected to boost the market growth as it is being used for removal of stain and rust from the fabrics. Concentrated fluorosilicic acid found applications in tanning of animal hides & skin, glass and ceramics. Rising demand for tanned glass and ceramic from various end user applications such as house interiors, electrical and electronics is expected to fuel the flurosilicic acid market

However, corrosive nature and fuming property of concentrated fluorosilicic acid especially above 20% concentration may hamper the market growth. The acidic nature of this compound leaches the lead and arsenic from water delivery plumbing. Additionally, it is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer industry and claimed to be contaminated with heavy metals and radioactive elements which may inhibit the fluorosilicic acid market growth. Increasing application in sterilization and fumigation technologies is expected to provide immense opportunities for the players in fluorosilicic acid market. Further, rising demand from dental applications such as mouth rinse solutions, chewing gums and toothpastes is expected to contribute to the opportunities in developed countries.
North America is the largest consumer of fluorosilicic acid in terms of consumption followed by Europe. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from the U.S. has certified the chemical to be used as fluoridating agent in drinking water and have compelled municipal corporations to use for fluoridation to prevent tooth decay of population. Commercial laundry and textile industries are expected to boost the fluorosilicic acid market in this region. European countries such as Ireland, the United Kingdom uses fluorosilicic acid for fluoridation of drinking water and for tanning animal hides and skin. Rising demand from these end user industries is expected to fuel the market growth in this region. Growing application in mouth wash, gel and other dental products is expected to drive the market in North America and Europe. China was the largest producer of fluorosilicic acid due to presence of large number of players and abundant raw materials. Changing lifestyle and disposable income in Asia Pacific is driving dental care and commercial laundry market which in turn expected to boost the fluorosilicic acid market.

Some of the key players in this market include Eti, Russian Bor, SRL, Da Shi Qiao Huaxin, Liaoning Jiayuan, Fencheng Chemical, Searles, Dalian Junma Group, Mosaic, Sanmei, Solvay, Zibo Aosi Chemical Co. Ltd, PhoAgro, Mosaic, Dongyue, Sinochem Yunlong, Halopolymer, Dow Chemical Company, IMC fertilizer, Texagulf, Weaver Fertilizer, Occidental and Chemtech among others.

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