The Elder Scrolls Online: Serious performance issues on Xbox One X

Posted by xiayumin on July 12th, 2019

ESO is a very popular role-playing game that includes a strong player base in the past. Much of the success of the game is due to the addition of stable new content. By the beginning of June, ESO had added dragons to the game.

According to Bethesda, the dragon has invaded Tamriel and you have a responsibility to stop them. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr has started a year-long adventure in the “Dragon Season” industry. You will use Khajiit in historical evil to explore and defend your homeland and to command undead with the new Necromancer.

We have been playing this game for the past week, which is a very interesting story. Joining the dragon adds a mysterious color to the game, and as you complete each task, the truth will get closer and closer to you. In addition to ESO Gold the main tasks, this may be the best story ever told by the Elder Scrolls.

Although the visual effects are shocking, the performance is very surprising. This video shows a place that requires the player to endure. The rest of the game did not encounter this problem, but Khajiit's homeworld is full of gameplay with a minimum of 30 frames per second. This seems to be an optimization issue because once updated, the old area will not have all of these problems.

I hope they can solve these problems because many console gamers will not be able to experience them. We have contacted the company and asked if they know the question and will have a new patch afterward.

Introduced Elder Scrolls Online, a somewhat broken and unbalanced experience. Fortunately, developers have changed the company's plans and added a lot of content. After so many years, this game is probably the best MMORPG game console.

There are two ways to "Online Elder Scrolls": Elsweyr. If you already have a camp game, you can purchase an upgraded version for , or you can get a full bundle from . If you haven't experienced it before, it's the best time for Cheap ESO Gold you to show your talents.

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