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Posted by David Scharf on July 12th, 2019

Quora is a question answer website started few years back only, and it became very famous in a very short time.That is because a great SEO was made on to the website which resulted in getting most of its question answer in top ten of google search results.

Now no matter what you search in google at least one of Quora question answer will be in the top ten list of the search result.

Quora knew how to reach to its current position and that is by utilizing hungry marketers and their need to get backlinks to their websites.

So Quora was allowing marketers to market their websites and include backlinks in their text to their websites. and that is how Quora became having huge contents of almost every field.

With the huge contents, and the huge amount of visitors, google has no option except to include at least one question answer to Quora in its search results.

Quora policies has changed, they now do not allow marketing they even may delete an answer if it contained a link even if it was a genuine answer without any intention for marketing. which mean they are dumbing the very same writers / marketers who are actually made Quora to what it is now.

Will Quora continue to be the preferred  for markers, for sure when a marketer keep writing answers and every time he write an answer he finds that Quora moderator has deleted it, if not blocked his account also. for sure such behaviours will cause all marketers to stop using Quora and look for an alternatives.

The very first alternative to Quora has came to existence, the alternative to Quora is just another , AdvisePedia came to existance after the management on Quora started creating troubles for marketers. while Quora was built on the shoulders of marketers, at that time Quora was allowing marketers to write any questions and any answers. but recently Quora started blocking anyone market, even if you do not market and you simple answer a question if your answer has a link your answer will be considered as marketing and will be deleted.  That is why came to existance as an alternative to Quora, AdvisePedia Aim to allow marketers to market as they wish, without any restruction other than spam, only spaming will be stopped. so if you have a website product or a service and you are looking for a place to market it then go to and talk about it there.

Now the question will do like Quora did, and when they get what they want from the marketers contents, will they also stop marketers from including links and market their websites??

Currently saying we allow marketing and we even allow backlinks to your website. the only thing they do not allow is Spamming .

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