Construction and Infrastructure Industry Driving the Flat Glass Market

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Flat glass marketplace is expanding as its products are highly useful. They are transparent, non-crystalline amorphous solid. It is essentially used in the manufacturing of window panes, tableware, and optoelectronics as well as plays a prominent role in extenuating the effects of climate change by aiding in energy conservation through high-performance glass products. Owing to its significance, flat glass has a wide range of applications including healthcare, optical, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunication. It is usually manufactured in different desired standards by modifying its composition and processing through furnace activities, where heating is typically provided by natural gas. As product versatility increases, the demand and sales of flat glass products increase tremendously thus, proliferating the growth of the market.

Flat Glass Market Competitive Landscape:

Saint Gobain, Schott Glass, Sisecam, Euroglass, NSG, Asahi Glass are some of the key players operating in the flat glass market.
Saint-Gobain is a leading supplier and manufacturer of flat glass products owing to the huge demand from the building and construction industries. It includes the production of home appliances, nuclear safety glass, fire-resistant glass, and glass for electronic devices.
To meet the rising demand for architectural glass houses. On January 28, 2019, Saint-Gobain started a flat glass production line located at Sriperumbudur, India; which is widely spread on a 70-hectare industrial site. It includes advanced glass processing units for the construction industry and fire safety. This serves the domestic demand of the market which is growing at a rate of 8% per annum in the country.
Schott Glass is one of the leading companies, with more than 130 years of experience in the glass finishing sector. It nearly manufactures 100 million glass panels every year to meet the market need for flat glass products, which are prominently used in various application verticals such as baking, cooking, heating and sanitary industries.
Sisecam is the dominating player in the flat glass market, which supplies products in four main sectors including architectural glass, automotive and transportation-related glass products, energy glass, and home appliance glass. It is widely spread with a huge production capacity of about 2.8 million architectural flat glass panels every year. The company steps forward in the flat glass marketplace owing to the development of privacy glass. It is extensively used in vehicles for controlling light and sun, which provides interior comfort, decreases cooling load, and offers energy saving to enhance the business performance and continuity in the market.
Euroglas is one of the enormous glass producing companies holding maximum market share in Europe. It is a dominating player in the field of frameless flat glass, which is extensively used in the manufacturing of glass doors in the building and construction industries. Moreover, viridian glass is the other leading venture incorporated with Euroglas. It is a prominent supplier of laminated glass which provides post-glass breakage integrity for fenestration systems such as windows, doors and curtain wall in residential and commercial buildings and dominates the maximum share in the flat glass market.
Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG) is a pioneering organization making a huge difference in the flat glass market through its latest glass technology. It witnessed a remarkable sales in more than 100 in FY2018. It is well known for the production of ultra-thin glass in small LCD applications, helping to reduce power consumption and achieved a leading edge in the display market.

Flat Glass Market: Key Drivers

Properties of flat glass such as high strength to weight ratio, long term durability, excellent surface, uniform thickness, high optical clarity, and bright appearance are attracting the building and construction sector to meet the demand of architectural glass in the market.
Rising demand for flat glass in the automotive sector for manufacturing windshields and windows of vehicles like cars, airplanes, and some other vehicles is bolstering the market growth.
Increasing utilization of photovoltaic modules and solar panels for the requirement of renewable energy is driving the growth of the flat glass market.

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Flat Glass Market Segment Analysis:

Building and construction application is holding a major share in the flat glass market which is growing at a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period, which is from 2019 to 2025 according to the business analysts of IndustryARC report. This is chiefly because of the pioneering use of flat glass as a primary reinforcing material in the manufacturing of doors, windows, tableware, and optoelectronics.
On the basis of geographical flat glass analysis by IndustryARC, Asia-Pacific holds a major share that is more than 50% among other regions in the flat glass market.

The global flat glass market is set to experience substantial growth owing to the strong demand for the construction of architectural glass houses. It plays a prominent role in a large number of end-use industries including healthcare, optical, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunication. APAC region is the major shareholder due to the increasing population and urbanization. Moreover, a growing focus towards flat glass is poised to increase the demand of the market in the near future.

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