How to wash bath rugs and bath mats?

Posted by markwahlbargg on July 12th, 2019

Bath rugs and bath mats are indispensable in our modern bathrooms. The comfortable atmosphere they give us makes our "oasis of well-being" a relaxing wellness area.

To ensure that these cuddly companions stay with us for a long time, they must also be properly maintained so here are the best tips offered by Commercial Laundry service.

The basic care:

The bath mat should be cleaned from time to time by dust and other dirt particles by the regular shaking. In addition, the pile is loosened and straightened.

You also have the option to use a vacuum cleaner at the lowest power level.

Attention to the material:

Most bath rugs have on the top of a pile material made of polyacrylic, polyester or polyamide, which is very easy to clean. On the underside, they are made of a rubberized material to prevent slipping on the smooth tile floors in the bathrooms.

As a rule, almost all bathroom rugs can be cleaned in the washing machine. However, it is important to consider the care instructions and the exact washing symbols of the respective manufacturers.

Make sure that synthetic bathing rugs and bath mats are gently washed with a fine or color detergent. Under the specified washing temperature and with the highest possible water level washing your favorite piece is possible without hesitation.

Bath rugs and bath mats made of 100% cotton have the advantage that you can wash them confidently at 60 degrees. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to observe the care labels and washing symbols.

Be sure to wash the cotton bath mat at the manufacturer's recommended washing temperature. At lower temperatures, the colors of the bath mats and carpets, despite color fastness and color constancy, bleed out.

To protect your washing machine from too much fluff, it makes sense to wash the cotton rug or bathmat in a pillowcase or duvet cover so that the largest amount of cotton fluff can be trapped.

In newer washing machines with their own lint filter can be dispensed with the pillowcase. Basically, you should clean bath rugs and bath mats separately from another laundry.

And as an additional tip: always wash all parts of your clothing together, so that the colors are guaranteed to retain the same intensity and a mutual discoloration is avoided.

Bath rugs with back coating:

According to Commercial Laundry service, bath rugs with back coating should not be washed over 40 degrees, otherwise, the coating can be damaged. A fine or color detergent without bleach during the fine or gentle cycle would be the ideal wash recommendation. Dry cleaning should be avoided.

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