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Posted by StevenHWicker on July 12th, 2019

Solotica Lens is a business run by a successful Beauty Therapist and MUA based in Sydney, Australia. Our mission is premium quality and great customer service to bring our customers only the highest quality cosmetic and prescription contact lenses available in the market.

They say that beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is amazing how much of an impact the eyes have on the overall beauty of the face. Over many years I have experimented with different cosmetic products and procedures and have found that cosmetic changes and illusions created by using high quality natural looking contact lenses have the most significant impact on changing or enhancing your look.

The most appealing characteristic of Solotica Lenses Online is their carefully crafted detail. This means they come very close to replicating the natural design of the human iris to give you the look of natural depth and beauty. Whatever your preference is you can select lenses to completely change your colour or to enhance your eyes.

I have been using Solotica Lenses personally for about 7 years now as I was first introduced to them on a trip to the Middle East where these lenses were all the craze because of their natural look. Since then I have tried and tested all of the contact lens shades and styles and have included them as part of my daily makeup looks. I have also been recommending these contacts to everyone around me and have had nothing but positive feedback.

With the proper care they last such a long time which is a huge advantage. This is an attribute which is dictated by the use of the most high-quality materials and tedious craftsmanship methods.

Our Mission

To bring you beautiful, natural looking contact lenses which can either completely change your eye colour or enhance your natural shade. We are very selective about what we offer to our clients and customers and strive to only provide the best quality available on the market. After testing a lot of other cosmetic lenses we believe Solotica is the most comfortable, long-lasting and natural-looking product available on the market today. Solotica Contacts Colors

Our Vision

We aim at providing the best customer service and assisting our customers wherever possible. We want you to always look your best and have fun doing it. Solotica Lenses have the ability to change up your look and give you that ‘edge’ you’ve been looking for. They can be worn alone or can be added as part of your makeup routine for a more dramatic effect. Whatever your needs or desires, Solotica Lens can accommodate.

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