IVR Services in India Rising Up

Posted by voxbay on July 12th, 2019

Interactive Voice response which is shortened as IVR is now more popular for businesses in India. Simply, an IVR system is a system where our clients call is received by a pre-recorded professional message. This message can indicate 2 things about a company/Business. First is, Caller can feel a Professional manner while hearing such a warmth welcome greeting from the other end. Second thing is, an easy navigation to a specific department he wants to connect. All over, an IVR Message helps the caller to reach to a solution for a problem.The customer has to press the desired number only and they will be connected directly to the department they want.

The IVR system can be used in many situations in a business. They are: -

IVR messages for discount offers on pre-renewals

Welcome! Thank you for calling Voxbay Solutions! We are calling to inform you that your current plan expires on 30 June 2019 and you can avail up to 50% off with pre-renewal.

Surely, this message can able to strike your customer for a moment, that let him think about an early pre-renewal. After this initial greeting, the voice from other side is going as,

Press 1 for Plan Renewal

Press 2 for Renew your plan Later

Press 3 to talk with our customer care executive.

This gives a perfect Navigation to the client. If he is a decision maker, this IVR enables him to choose the Right decision at the time of his call itself.

IVR system for introducing New Features

The IVR System can be used for introducing new features of existing products also. While a client calls the business, we can able to set an IVR that, gives a new information about a new feature which is implemented in our product. It will be informational session for client to inspire the existing call.

IVR system to remind your customers for Renewal

Welcome to Voxbay Solutions!

It is great to have you as our customer. Your plan is expiring on 30 June 2019

Press 1 If you want to renew your service with us.

Press 2 If you do not want to renew your service with us

Press 3 if you want to talk to our customer care executive

Thank you.

IVR system for the customer Feedback


Thank you for using our services. We would love to hear from you on how we’re doing! This will considerably help us in improving our services.

Press 1 if you’re satisfied

Press 2 if you’re dissatisfied

And Press 3 if you wish to speak to a customer executive

Simply IVR system evolves a bunch of benefits. Businesses can reap many merits from the IVR System once it is implemented in their business call system. This simple, great tool can able to save time, money and human efforts. As a result, businesses can gain good quality time to its clients.

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