With These 5 Tips, You Can Master The Art Of Writing High Converting Headlines

Posted by Suruchi Pandey on July 12th, 2019

With These 5 Tips, You Can Master The Art Of Writing High Converting Headlines

If you want to win hearts with your copy then you must excel the art of creating compelling headlines that actually catches the attention of the casual browsers and turn them into interested readers.

 As the primary motive behind creating the blog/article is ‘conversion’ and certainly in order to get that conversion, you need to first grab the attention.

There is no denying the fact that compelling headlines play a vital role in your copy’s success. A major part of reader won’t glance your article if the headline is not attention-grabbing.

 The truth is ‘headline can make or break your copy’s success’. A great headline can keep back the visitor to read the article, whilst on the contrast, a poor headline can cause your content to fail and probably sends the reader searching for some other resource.

 Almost every smart marketer or content marketing company knows the trick of crafting magnetic headlines that successfully convince, attract and convert the reader.

So, what things to actually muse over when writing a powerful headline which certainly performs well, gets more clicks and impressions, correspondingly more likes and shares.

Here is the step-by-step process of writing catchy headlines for your copy and by the end of this article, you’ll learn not only the tips to write game-changing headlines but also the working trick to capture attention immediately and compel readers to stop in their tracks.


Tips For Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines


1. Start With A Draft Headline

 Most of the content marketers are often perplexed when writing the article, whether to write the headline first or the entire article. It sounds much similar to that popular riddle “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

Though there is no sure shot answer to this as well, however, in this case, you can start off with a draft headline.

A draft headline is simply an outline of the final headline which can be modified after writing the whole article.

2. Make Use Of Numbers/Listicle

Headlines containing numbers usually get more impressions and visits compared to any other type of headline. As most of the savvy readers don’t have much time to invest reading your copy, a list-based post promises to be quick and easy to read.

Note: Odd numbers usually make your headlines more enticing to readers than even numbers.

It is also believed that odd numbers seem to help people digest and recall information more easily.

3. Should Be Unique And Clear

To make your copy stand out, you need to create a headline that is unique. Only this way you can convey the idea to your reader’s brain and make them believe that you’re different from your competitors.

Also, your headlines should be simple and clear. Nobody craves ambiguity or uncertainty, especially if looking for answers, solutions, products, or are about to spend money.

Hence, make your headlines as unique and clear as you can possibly be.

4. The How-To Headline

Headlines with questions can be effective when composed in the right way. The quick tip here is, never mention a question to which your readers can reply with a “no”.

With this approach, you can focus on a need or want and promise to fulfil that need or want. After all, the key ingredient of a ‘how-to’ headline is to show someone how to do something in a better way.

5. Write Search Engine Friendly Headlines

The key for making search engine friendly headlines is by using the right keywords in the headlines that make them more likely to come up in search engine results.

Using search engine friendly terminologies in your headline also ensures that you are using the same words, your customers use when they are searching online for the information you are providing.

So, there you go. Now that you know the basics of crafting attention-grabbing headlines, you are ready to light a fire under your conversion rate. Remember, a headline creates a difference between your copy being read and shared like crazy, or sitting unread and ignored.

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