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4 Tips For Assembly Line Equipment Installation

Posted by nblank on July 12th, 2019

In an electric production company where big devices get manufactured, the assembly lines is an essential part. When the elementary components are manufactured, they needed to be combined or assembled for the final product. These parts go through different stages of assembly organized in the way to produce the final product. Whether it is electronic and other manufacturing company, most of the industries have an assembly line to form the final product. However, this manufacturing unit is expensive and requires extra attention to avoid a minute error. But, here are a few tips that can help you in installing the electronic assembly manufacturing line efficiency for the flawless process.

1. Stable mounting surface- The flooring or the surface beneath the assembly line must be firm and strong enough to bear the machine load. Any minute even or unstable surface will cause vibration during the process that could damage the product or hurt the product service life. It is necessary that you make sure about the floor or ground before getting the entire machinery installed. Concrete or steel flooring easily absorbs small vibrations and makes the process smooth.

2. Machines alignment- According to the study, 60% of machine failures are due to the improper machine or equipment installation. During the time of installation, pay extra attention to the process and ask the supplier to make sure that everything aligned as per the requirement.

3. Adequate lighting- This may sound weird with this discussion, but the lighting in the area of assembly-line installation plays a vital role.  You need to check whether the existing lighting condition is enough for the entire assembly line or not. Ask the equipment operators and experts if they want to change the lighting or replace any of the bulbs.

4. Do the test run- Once your assembly line unit is installed and good to go, you must run a test just to be assured. If you do not do this and you find any problem after the installation experts left your place, your production can be delayed, and you may experience loss. It is advisable to do a test run as soon as the experts have done installing the equipment as if something is wrong, they can fix it immediately. Most of the electronic assembly manufacturing units face the problem of misalignment after the installation, which makes it is mandatory to test before the actual production.

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