Choosing The Right Website Hosting for Your SEO

Posted by isusantobasuki on July 12th, 2019

Choosing a web hosting service is one of the most vital decisions you have to make when establishing a WordPress blog or a website. It goes a long way to determine how successful your site is going to be. With the wake of hundreds of web hosting companies, choosing the right web hosting has become quite a challenge, especially for first time WordPress bloggers and websites.

You cannot just rely on a search engine to lead you to the right web hosting company. So how exactly do you go about it? There are several factors that you need to consider before making your choice. In this article, I will give you a simple comprehensive guide on what parameters you should consider and how to find just the right web hosting for your WordPress blog.

1. Affordability

How much are you willing to spend on web hosting services? For many people, it is all about going for the cheapest. To be honest, the cheapest web hosting services are never the best, especially for high traffic blogs. Let me give you a little dichotomy of the type of web hosting services you will find online.

i) Shared web hosting

This is the cheapest type of web hosting that you will come across. In this type of set up, your blog or website shares the same processing unit resources of one server with hundreds of other sites. It is pretty economical as it would cost you less than every month to get access to the services. Many newbie bloggers prefer it for this reason.

However, as you know, cheap is expensive. Shared web hosting services come along with a number of drawback. First of all, it provides little chance for interface configurations. You cannot customize your visitor’s user interface to your liking. You have to stick to the provided layout templates. This is why most blogs and websites that share common server resources tend to have a similar look.

It poses a great security threat to your blog. A bug in one of the sites is likely to affect all other websites which share the same host. It is also unsuitable for a high traffic blog. Such issues would eventually force you to scale up to a virtual private server which I will discuss below.

ii) Virtual private server

In this type of hosting, you get your own virtual space on a server, such that your blog will not be sharing all the disk resources with any other sites on the same server. It is definitely more secure than shared web hosting services. This is why it could cost you twice as much. It is more configurable as compared to shared hosting services.

It is considered quite flexible as you can scale up more easily as your WordPress blog generates more traffic. It does give you more access to server resources. For a WordPress blog, this is just what you need. It is quite affordable and carters for all your primary needs.

iii) Dedicated web hosting

This is the most expensive web hosting plan. You probably won’t need this for a simple WordPress blog. It is meant to cater for high traffic sites and blogs such as those that are meant to share viral content and large amounts of data. This is why all the resources of the server are dedicated solely to your site. It is suitable for websites that may require member registration websites.

2. Server performance and capabilities

Just how reliable is your host’s server? The server should be quite responsive such that it allows information to be fetched promptly on demand. It should allow pages to load in the shortest time possible such that anyone who visits your blog does not have to wait for minutes just to access information.

It is very important to consider the server’s uptime. This is the total amount of time the server is functional and accessible. For a WordPress blog, visitors should be able to access the blog at any time of the day. The web hosting service provider should inform you about the uptime of its servers. You should aim for a server that has an uptime score of at least 99%. This ensures that your target market can reach your blog without worrying about unavailability.

One of the best shared web hosting that is good for your SEO is GreenGeeks hosting service, as they have a very fast page loading speed and their servers have a very good uptime of above 99.90% which is the industry standard.

3. Client Support

As a client, you have no direct access to the server. In case of technical issues on your blog, you have to contact your web hosting service provider for help. This is why you need to choose a web hosting service provider that is reachable at any time of the day. The provider should also be quick to respond to such issues.

The ideal web hosting service provider should be in a position to provide basic support services such as bug fixes as soon as you contact them. This will make sure your WordPress blog is up and running at all times. Otherwise, if your audience realizes your blog site has crashed, you will lose a lot of valuable traffic.

It is also the duty of the web hosting service provider to ensure that your blog is secure. The provider should run regular security diagnostics to ensure your blog is safe. It should also provide you with the chance to encrypt your blog with a password. In addition to that, it should also provide you with a secure password recovery procedure.

In many cases, web hosts do not provide backup services. Just in case the server crashes, you could lose all the information on your blog permanently. For a WordPress blog, it is important to find a web host who offers backup and restore services to cut down on the risk of losing all your information due to unforeseen errors.

To get the best web hosting services, you have to do thorough research. Read online reviews by various clients on available web hosting service providers. Try as much as possible to make sure that whichever provider you choose meets this criterion. Take advantage of free trial offers just to have a feel of what services each provider offers. Don’t be in a rush to choose one.

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