The Importance of Typography in Branding: Character of the Characters

Posted by Sirena Marketing on July 13th, 2019

The visual identity for a brand is exceptionally important. A brand consists of many different elements. However, the most important element of them all is the typography. Selecting the typeface is a critical phase because not only will the logo be based on it, but it will be the baseline to all future messaging and content done by the brand. First impressions are everything, that is why deciding on a typeface has to be done with extensive research to the brand and the identity it wants to have. This article will dwell deep into typography, its effect on branding, and what to look for when choosing a typeface.

The Main Typefaces & Their Characteristics

Typography is an art in itself, which is why there are several different letter form categories of typefaces, all with unique characteristics which help solidify the brand’s identity. In this section we will present four main typefaces used in branding, and provide an overall description of their characteristics and what brands would generally use them.

1. The Serif Typeface

The first typeface we are going to talk about is the Serif Typeface. Serif Typefaces are very popular and are used often in general writing. One very famous Serif Typeface is Times New Roman. A Serif typeface is basically a letter form with a decorative line added as an embellishment to the basic form of the character. It is used with brands that want to show class, style or elegance. Another famous type face is Bodoni which is used by Dior and that typeface has been used by the Dior brand as the logo which shows how simple and yet meaningful typography can be on brands.

2. The Sans Serif Typeface

The second typeface is the Sans Serif. Again this is a very popular one, especially in today’s day and age. A Sans Serif is a letter for with the embellishments you would find on a Serif typeface. It is more modern and minimalistic. Many brands use such typefaces to reflect a modern, clean and minimalistic identity to their brand. An example to that is Hugo Boss. A fashion brand that appeals to a younger audience by using a Sans Serif is the logo or mark of the brand itself.

3. The Blackletter Typeface

The blackletter typeface is not commonly used these days but it is worth noting because it a lot of companies like the heritage and historical feel it brings to their brand. Now what a blackletter typeface is hand drawn letterforms that are bold and have a lot of squared embellishments which is produced by chisel point pen. One of the biggest brands that use the blackletter typeface is The New York Times. And once again the logo is designed entirely out of this typeface.

4. The Script Typeface

Last but not least is the script typeface. Script typeface are beautiful handwritten and calligraphic lettering style that can be used in both formal and informal scenarios. They are regarded as playful and elegant. There are a number very famous brands which uses this type of letterform across their brand, such as Disney, Coca Cola, and Kellogg’s. All of them have a sense of uniqueness and playfulness to them, and rightfully so, all of them appeal to a younger audience that would be attracted by that.

Combining Typefaces

Using two typefaces is a risky move, if done by poorly, may result in a mess. However, if done perfectly can result in a greater benefit for your brand. Because each typeface has their own characteristics, sometimes it is difficult to reflect the brand’s identity using only one typeface. Therefore, by choosing typefaces that compliment each other in achieving the desired image for the brand, is often required. They offer contrast and can appeal to a new segment of the market that the brand was not appealing to before. For example, when The New York Times switched to digital to appeal to a younger audience, it had to use a Sans Serif Typeface which used across all their online content, while retaining the Black Letter Typeface for the logo. Nevertheless, one must be careful when combining different typefaces as it could easily send the wrong message and reflect the wrong image entirely.

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Using correct typeface is sending a subliminal message to your customer. If your products or services are of the same vein as your typeface used, it will work together in combination to attract customers. On the other hand, if you are using the wrong typeface for your business, you are deemed to scare your customers away. If you have worries about finding the right typeface and creating a powerful image of your brand, contact Sirena Marketing agency. They are professionals with years of expertise in marketing, branding and business growth.

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